Ribnitz-Damgarten, Germany

Willkommen in Deutschland
Welcome to Germany

Let's make a ride to the Eastern part of Rostock. We took a car but all places are easy to reach by train as well.

Let's go to Riebnitz-Damgarten. If you go by train you need to allign at the West-Station.

One-way tickets are 7.10 EUR from Warnemünde and it need 1 hour incl. one transfer in Rostock. One connection per hour. If you are a party of 3, 4 or 5 you can go for 28.00 EUR but then only every two hour as the IC InterCity Long-Distance-Train connection is not included in this Länderticket Mecklenburg-Vorpommern offer. But if you are just 1 or 2 in your party you can also buy single regular fare and you have full flexibility. To buy tickets see here: http://heinbloed-cruiseguides.blogspot.com/2009/02/warnemunde-germany-warenmuritz-and.html and http://heinbloed-cruiseguides.blogspot.com/2009/02/warnemunde-germany-all-destinations.html. Once you arrived by train follow to the exit  - in German "Ausgang".

As said before if you buy regular fare you can use the IC InterCity Trains as well.

Once you exit the station building you just walk straight ahead.

At the end of the street you make a turn to the left.

To the tower.

Deutsches Bernsteinmuseum means German Amber Museum.

Stay on the street until you find this entrance.

It's open 08.30 hrs to 18.00 hrs. Last admission 30 minutes before closure. Admission 9.00 EUR incl. monestry church (7.50 EUR only the museum - discounts for children, families and seniors avaiable).

There is also a nice garden around the museum.

Unfortunately we came the day very late and so they told us that it would make too much sense to spend 9.00 EUR and being out in 45 minutes. What we missed you can see on the postcards we bought.

So went towards the town. Just straight ahead out of the museum's gate.

So you follow crossing the market square.

In the red building you find the tourist information.

But let's continue to go the waterfront.

Sales of fish.

The so-called Boddenlandschaft. A landscape of interior lakes which exists behind a sand wall with many many nature and home for many birds.

If you love amber and landscape and maybe yachting you are perfectly here to have a calmer shore excursion.

You can also combine it with a bike rental and take the bikes into the trains or on buses (against payment).

So you on the way back you can visit Karl's Erlebnis-Hof in Rövershagen, which is a little show world for families from big cities to show them what you can experience on the country side.

We have no kids and so we have not visit it. There are many good recommendations but as you see: full parking. So when the weather is nice you should expect that it might be crowd.

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