Güstrow, Germany

Willkommen in Deutschland
Welcome to Germany

Some of you asked what is so special on Güstrow because Holland America offers a shore excursion to.

Beside booking the ship's tour it's also easy to do it yourself because once per hour there is a direct train from Warnemünde to Güstrow.

Once you arrive there it's easy to find around:

Just follow the blue line. The signposts are everywhere in the city to find around.

The most important sight is the Güstrow Palace. We had no time to walk inside when we were there. But here are some impressions from the building and garden:

We continued to walk through the little town.

Here is the tourist information.

Typical in East Germany: still old and new because the property is not fully cleared so none is willing to invest.

Some cake in the VIennese Coffee House...

If you like cribs you may find this exhibition in the old school building interesting:

North German Crib Museum.

Güstrow is at a train junction to Schwerin as well as back to Rostock. So it's good to combine with another place to see.

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