Ghent, Belgium: Tram between Ghent St. Peter and City Center

We get off at Ghent-St. Peter Station. Most connections from Blankenberge, Bruges, Antwerp and Brussels arrive here.

The location of the train station is not very convenient for whose who like to walk to the city center like in Bruges. You need to get to the tram.

She has a separate access from the platform.

Somehow narrow and only one escalator upwards.

And only for one direction. But we arrived at the side for the city-center-bound trams. Opposite tram came from the city center.

Looked like a disruption that the tram did not go.

Tram 1 could not go into the heart of the city right now.

The tram comes from the left and from Ghent St. Peter she goes without stop in a big loop to the city center. The area in the center in downtown is suspended. And a service from the right is offered.

So take Tram 1 to Justitiepaleis and walk from here.

1.20 EUR to the city center if you pre-buy it. Or 2.00 EUR with the driver.

Also these machines are multilingual. Let's choose English.


1-2 zones...

I did not go alone...

So 2...

3.40 EUR cash or Belgian bank card...

5 EUR-bills were also accepted...

So two tickets were released...

... which need to be cancelled/validated/punched in the tram.

On the way back we only found this type of machine where you need to insert the money and press the green button. Only 1.20 EUR tickets were available. We had exact change.

But we used back Tram 21/22 to arrive just in front of the train station.

Taxi passengers were attracted to the official taxi tariff. No freedom for negotiations.

Who still has some time left before the return train starts: Bruno said that the cappucino was very good and I said look above to the ceiling...

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