Ghent, Belgium: Impressions

We were in Bruges but it became so crowd that we decided to move to Ghent.

In the internet we downloaded already a walking tour in Ghent which was provided by the tourist information.

Due to the closure of the city center for the tram we only need to change the start- and finish place of the walk.

It was another atmosphere: Department stores where normal Belgian doing their shopping and much space to walk and to breath...

Not like a clean-sterile atmosphere like in Bruges. Erotic pictures had nothing to do with pornography.

Somehow we liked it better.

You could walk 50 m and more without seeing one chocolate store. Not every inch of a vacant front of a house must be changed to a chocolate store.

We felt much more comfortable here. May it was because it was not like an outdoor-museum. It's a university city with many young people who enjoyed the life. This was somehow infectious to us.

You can see the same things what you also can see in Bruges.

Remember the canal boats in Bruges? In Ghent they were all decorated with flowers.

Obviously you get some free drinks - or was it just a charter???

We liked it here.

Someone remember the prices in Bruges? Here is Ghent you get more for less...

A very nice flower shop.

Next to it there was the Brooderie.

Something for fans of organic bread and homemade cakes.

Pepper from the mill and milled salt.

The red pepper soup was made of true red peppers. And the mozzarella on whole-wheat bread made you full for little money. The white raddish was not dried out but juicy and fresh.

What a shame that we did not stayed here. They also offered bed and breakfast.

In the window there were human dolls to advertise for the sweets.

And outside you were invited to test them.

Here you could buy a DIY-model of TITANIC. They did not have an OASIS OF THE SEAS. But Bruno did not allow the purchase because he refused to carry it or to finance an additional extension of our house.

The purchase of an historic model of a SeaLink-ship he prohibited too.

What you can do with this spider-web I let your phantasy decide... I knew whatfor I would use it...

They had a nicer relationship to flowers in this city.

Bruno discovered a coffee store. I was willing to buy him a manual coffee mill like in old fairy tale books but he wanted to have a coffee machine which costed as much as a cruise. I let him choose to come with me on a cruise again or if I better look for a single-cruise.

What I liked very much with Ghent: there could be many different styles of architecture next to eachother without bad influence to each other. That's maybe why it was not as monotone as in Bruges.

Can you picture Belgium with out French Fries (wondering why they are calling French Fries and not correctly Belgian Fries). They were here since 1898.

Looked very historical to me.

The smell of fresh herbs in the center of the shopping mile.

Only the tourist information itself was somehow discretely hidden at the back side of the building.

Currently there was the problem that the construction work in the main walking mile made it difficult to walk along until summer 2010. It was worth to go for 30-45 more from Zeebrugge and additionally 15 minutes from the train station.

Ghent remembered me to Heidelberg, Tübingen etc.: Cities with a traditional university and many young people who celebrate their single-fare-well-party like here.

And here the female version. That was why we liked it more in Bruges. We felt there much more younger than in Bruges...

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