Dover, UK: Eastern Docks (Ferry Terminal), Taxis and Foot Passenger to Calais, France by P&O Ferries

We arrived by rental car in Dover where we parked first the car because we excepted here jam packed in the waiting hall to get to France as foot passenger on P&O Cruises. But nothing although all flights were cancelled due to the vulcano ash.

For 50 GBP instead of normally 26 EUR we can go in our hour with P&O Ferries. Seafrance normally does not accepted anymore foot passengers but they did it under the special circumstances. But their queue was somehow long.

Now we tried to return the car as quickly as possible.

From here we can still get on the bus to Paris. But the two hours from Southampton to Heathrow were already enough.

We used the chance to inform us about the prices and talked a little bit with the drivers. A ride from Dover to Gatwick will be around 130 GBP and to Heathrow around 160 GBP.

We need to get over to the arrival hall to find Enterprise.

Enterprise offers to collect/deliver you at the Cruise Terminal but not at the weekends. AVIS is also here available. But they are not available at the weekend as well.

A bus connects the ferry terminal witht the train station but then we need to change the train station within London. Too much stress with all the bags.

Here you need to pay attention because the bus to the ship starts also from here. It was not very convenient. On the way to the ship you need get all off without baggage to pass the French immigration. After few yards again with all your bags for security screening. They took us directly on the ramp to the car deck of the ship and released us in front of a two-deck long steep stairways to get to the passengers deck.

Welcome to the PRIDE OF BURGUNDY. But the ride was only an hour. Much longer I really did not want to stay there.

I Calais you need to get off the ship over this endless long passenger bridge and again into a bus.

We were lucky that we did not order a car. All had closed anyway and we would not have a chance to get to their offices as the departing foot passengers were already queing in the arrival hall. I guess they would not been nicer than in the UK with their price policy.

Ooops... no more buses according to this schedule. And no taxi around.

But then one more bus came and more foot passengers arrived who need to queue up outside the terminal. The bus was not able to stop anymore where it should stop. In front of the square all the international networks.

For 2 EUR we got a lift to Calais Ville train station.

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