Bruges, Belgium: Impressions

Due to the vulcano ash and all flight-disruptions all over Europe we had no chance to embark our ship in Zeebrugge. So we stayed the day before the next day embarkation in Bruges.

The night receptionist told us to go to Zand because the weekly market was hold. You could smell the roasted chickens for which people were queing up. And here we started our Plan B. We contacted already P&O on Friday that we will embark maybe in Zeebrugge if we would have no chance to make it right on time to Southampton. We got all necessary information of the port agent whom we should contact ahead. He registered us at the port gate as we would not have any cruise cards. So we did all sightseeing which were planned for Sunday during our call in Zeebrugge one day ahead. And while the ship is in port we will enjoy the ship.

We downloaded a walking tour suggestion which you can find on the website of the tourist information in internet.

By coincidence we passed also the Chinese restaurant of my grand uncle. But now I understand why he always bought duvees in Germany when he visited us. As the restaurant did not open yet and letting my parents first come to see them again we did not try to go in.

We continue to walk.

From the three international Belgian chocolate brand I prefer Neuhaus

The Belgian girl friend of one my employees told us to see this place to have a true hot chocolate milk: The Old Chocolate House.

A true treasure box for chocolate lovers from outside.

... and inside...

Above there is a nice tea-room.

Then we made a big "mistake" by ordering an all-in-cover.

There are my chocolate-pallets and you need to put them into them into the hot milk and stir yourself. We should not have any breakfast in the hotel. The white mousse au chocolate was a dream but nothing for 11.00 hrs in the morning.

You got a small beater. And you can order the chocolate pallets in white, milk or dark chocolate. In the summertime this cup will be enough for a whole family. But in winter I can handle it alone.

I felt so sorry that I was stuffed. Who has the honor to represent Belgium at the Shanghai World Expo 2010 must be good: Dumon but no way to try any bite more.

Let's continue with our walk.

If you want to buy the best souvenirs you just must follow Japanese tourists. You are in Heidelberg or Rothenburg ob der Tauber: just follow Japanese signposts to buy the best of the country like here with Belgian lace: Irma

Something for people with a good memory: keep this boat in your mind for later (when we are in Ghent).

The Belgians are good gourmets and you can smell in all streets the smell of Belgian waffles. Why did not we have them for breakfast???

Käthe Wohlfahrt

German Christmas romance all over the year - now also in Bruges for all who did 14 countries in 4 days but had no chance to see Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

The ride on a canal boat costs 6.90 EUR for 30 minutes... just keep it in mind for later (when we are in Ghent)...

Regarding the food I think personally that the Belgians are the better "French"...

So you should go to the first best store to buy something but to watch and try in few stores before you buy finally somehting. You get addict.

Another option to Godiva and Neuhaus on the international market: Leonidas. But that's a question of personal flavour and taste. Ask three different friends and you get three different answers.

With so much chocolate in Bruge you need a hearty alternative. It was so jampacked in Bruges around noon that we "escaped" to Ghent.

Here our impression from Ghent can be found.

Later the afternoon we returned from Ghent and continued to discover the city.

In the afternoon Bruges appeared in another kind of light.

Wow - we found one modern building in the old town of Bruges but totally hidden in a side lane.

After a short afternoon nap like we have on a ship as well we went early out fir dinner. We did not want to continue the second half of the walk as it was very chilly.

It's possible to experience on Sunday as many stores were open.

Finally in the light of the sunset.

All the details we were unable to see in the morning.

Something to make SOME US-cruisers upset...

But it was no erotic bakery just a normal chocolate store.

As we would normally have dinner on board and we did want to spend too much for dining out as we did not know which additional expenses are waiting for us in case we get "stranded" in London. But we made it to a tourist trap for Scotsmen and Englishmen which explained the prices and the taste of the food. But even the Englishmen need to add salt.

To be tired enough to get a good sleep we made another round...

For those of you who dislikes chocolate another Belgian speciality...

75 different types of beer in De Bierpoort in Bruges.

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