Warnemünde, Kiel, Lübeck, Hamburg, Germany: Buying Online-Day Passes (Ländertickets and Schönes Wochenende-Ticket) for regional trains

Willkommen in Deutschland
Welcome to Germany

From April 01, 2010 you can buy

Länderticket Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
(Day Pass for the State of Mecklenburg-Western Pommerania)
Länderticket Brandenburg-Berlin
(Day Pass for the States of Brandenburg and Berlin)
Länderticket Schleswig-Holstein
(Day Pass for the State of Schleswig-Holstein)

as online-ticket.

The advantages:

You can pre-buy the ticket in English with your credit-card and make a print-out from your computer at home. You do not need to queue up and wait until other cruisers found out how to buy the ticket and you miss the train.

So you just leave your ship and board the train.

All you need is the print-out and a credit card for proper identification.

The disadvantage:

no change - no refund - but even you buy it at the train station at the machine or with the counter - but you have more time to think about if you go or not (wheater... personal condition).


You start here with your booking:



This for a standard Länderticket Mecklenburg-Vorpommern which is valid after 09.00 am on a weekday for a group of 5:


- SET Single journey
- Rostock
- Date (click on little calendar)
- 09:00
- Departure
- DELETE "Prefer fast connections"
- SET Local transport
- 5 Adults
- 0 Children 6-14
- 0 Children 0-5
- ALL adults "No BahnCard"
- Travel 2nd class
- "Search"

Some remarks:

The relation Rostock - HAMBURG just ease your input as your keyboard might not have an "ü" like in Warnemünde and limit a pop-up with some options but it's also valid if you are going Warnemünde - Lübeck or Schwerin - do not worry!!!
Pay attention to the calender: our week starts with Monday!!! Just to avoid wrong date as the ticket does not allow any changes and any refunds.
Always enter 5 adults even you would use the golden rule 2 adults (parents or grandparents) with all children of one family if you are the "Trapp-Family".

Correctly 26.00 EUR is shown.

Click on "Purchase"

Now you see the difference to the normal fare:

26.00 EUR against 158.00 EUR x 2 (Outward and return)!!!

Click on "Purchase" next to 26.00 EUR.

You can leave all settings and click "Proceed".

If you buy for someone else and you do not go with the party you should follow the instructions accordingly.

Click "I wish to book without logging in" and "Continue booking"

- CLICK "I wish to book an online ticket and accpet the AGB"
- Enter the creditcard details you want to show to the conductor for proper identification
- Your personal data
- Enter the payment data
- CLICK "Delivery of Online Ticket"
- DELETE Newsletter
- CLICK "Continue"

Some remarks:
AGB stands for Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingung which are the small-prints (Purchase conditions)
This works only print out plus credit card - it must not be necessary the one you are paying with. But you will not have a German Railways discount card (BahnCard) or a German Bankcard (ec-/maestro-Card) nor a German ID-Card (usually) - so use a credit card for identification and presentation.
Phone number without blank etc. 001AreaCodeSubscriberNo.
Make sure to allow pop-ups to get the print-out as pdf on your screen

Some VARIATIONS which work:

For Länderticket Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Single:
1 adult instead of 5 adults on the first page (18.00 EUR)

For Länderticket Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 1. Klasse (First Class):
Travel 1st class instead of Travel 2nd class on the first page (46.00 EUR)

For Länderticket Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Single 1. Klasse (First Class):
1 adult instead of 5 adults on the first page and
Travel 1st class instead of Travel 2nd class on the first page (28.00 EUR)

For Länderticket Brandenburg-Berlin:
Origin Berlin and Destination Neustrelitz (27.00 EUR)

For Länderticket Brandenburg-Berlin 1. Klasse (First Class):
Origin Berlin and Destination Neustrelitz and
Travel 1st class instead of Travel 2nd class on the first page (47.00 EUR)

For Länderticket Schleswig-Holstein:
Origin Kiel and Destination Schwerin (30.00 EUR)

For Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket:
correct date (Saturday or Sunday)
and Origin Rostock and Destination Berlin (37.00 EUR)


Have a safe trip in Germany.



  1. We are very impressed with your thorough coverage
    and are attempting to book a return trip by train from Warnemunde to Lubeck June 10 (We are on the Norwegian Sun)There are 6 of us (2 children 13 and 17 years old and 4 adults) It looks as if we book for 6 adults but the price was about 160 euros which seems more than you said. Are we doing this correctly? Is there such a thing a day pass where we can get on and off as we choose as long as we stay within boundaries?

  2. You can go for 54.00 EUR or maybe 51.00 EUR.

    13 year old child must go on one ticket with parents:

    The answer is the Länderticket Mecklenburg-Vorpommern:

    1st person pays 21.00 EUR
    additional each 3.00 EUR
    max. 5 persons can go on one ticket.


    Children upto 14 goes free if travelling on parents/grand parents' ticket (but max. 2 adults).


    with your group:

    You need two tickets:

    13 year old child goes on ticket with parents.

    Father = 1st person = 21.00 EUR
    Mother = 2nd person = 3.00 EUR
    13yo child = free = 0.00 EUR
    24.00 EUR

    2nd ticket

    3rd adult = 1st person = 21.00 EUR
    4th adult = 2nd person = 3.00 EUR
    17yo child = 3rd person = 3.00 EUR
    27.00 EUR

    24.00 EUR
    +27.00 EUR
    51.00 EUR

    If 13yo child has no family relationship to adults you need to add 3.00 EUR as 3rd person.

  3. Hello - thanks for all the great info. I am trying to get Landertickets for Kiel to Lubeck for August 7 (we'r arriving on the Eurodam for the day), but I get a message that "Fares not available". Is it too early, or am I perhaps doing something wrong?

  4. For Kiel - Lübeck is a Special Fare available which you cannot buy in advance. Just the same day at the machine: Schleswig-Holstein Tarif.

  5. Got it. Thanks for clarifying. Other than gettign there early, any suggestions for the best plan to not get stuck behind fellow cruisers who do not know what to do and cause us to miss the train?

  6. There is not so much to do so early at the day. So have a nice breakfast on board. You can leave a little before and do not use the waterfront but going through the pedestrian zone (Shopping zone).

    But most of the stores do not open so early. So it would be better to leave around 08.00 hrs the ship. Having plenty of time to buy the ticket at the station.

    The ticket will not be valid before 09.00 hrs.

    So when you return you might have the time to walk back through the pedestrian zone to see the stores when they are open.

    The train suggestion is already one train earlier. The next train would make it still possible for you to get on the ship when you take a taxi from the train station.


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