Kiel, Germany - Around Central Station to find the bus to Hamburg Airport and Kiel Cruise Terminal Ostseekai

Willkommen in Deutschland
Welcome to Germany

Finding around Kiel Central Station / Bus Terminal (Hbf = Hauptbahnhof / ZOB = Zentraler Omnibus Bahnhof)

what you need to get from the Cruise Terminal Ostseekai to Hamburg Airport or vice versa.

Coming from Hamburg Airport by Kielius-Service you will arrive in a very central spot of Kiel. Just few yards before you arrive ZOB (= Bus Terminal) you see left the town hall incl. tourist office.

There in the front is the port tower and if you make a left turn here and walk 15-20 minutes you are at Ostseekai Cruise Terminal.

Then the bus makes a right turn. On the left side you see the garage and in the ground floor you see the bus terminal and straight ahead at the end of the street the Hauptbahnhof (= Central Station)

The Kielius-Service can also be booked with a taxi waiting for you.

You can book with the driver when you enter the bus a taxi for yourself or to book a taxi ticket which includes a shared-taxi-ride.

The shared taxi is an 4.40 EUR surcharge per person and way to pay with your bus ticket (one way 17.50 EUR / return 30.00 EUR / Kids - 14 yo 9.30 EUR/18.60 EUR / Family (2 adults and 2 kids) 42.50 EUR/74.60 EUR - all rates of 2010).

Before you book a taxi you should know that an individual taxi from Central Station to Cruise Terminal is about 5.00-6.00 EUR. So if you go by 2 it's cheaper to book a separate taxi instead of a shared taxi.

Just tell the driver when you buy your ticket at Hamburg Airport. BITTE BESTELLEN SIE MIR EIN EIGENES TAXI ZUM BUS IN KIEL. VIELEN DANK. (Just in case the driver's English is weak).

And if you return tell the driver to drop you off at the Kielius-Bus. If you use the shared taxi to get from the Cruise Terminal to the Bus Terminal you better should learn German and have a cell phone with you to pre-book. But costs of phone call with international roaming might me more expensive than using an individual taxi to the Bus Terminal. ZUM KIELIUS-BUS AM ZOB BITTE. (Just in case the taxi driver's English is weak). You need to find the B4 Bus Stop

which is just in front of the escator to the parking decks.

Some cruise lines offer Shuttle Service for embarking or debarking passengers like MSC, Costa or AIDA. But not all of them are complimentary.

But if you do not want to walk 15-20 minutes to the Cruise Terminal Ostseekai, do not want to spend the money for an individual or shared taxi you can walk over to the Central Station.

Look to the right. You need to walk towards the bridge to the shopping center.

42 - you missed the bus to the Cruise Terminal... so you have 15 minutes (during the daytime at the weekdays) to find the right bus stop.

The view from the bridge: left the train station. The buses to the Cruise Terminal depart from the central platform (clock) but at the rear.

So walk to the rear.

Find the Bus Stop B3 for buses 41 and 42. So you see every 15 minutes...6 minutes transit time... 2.20 EUR for a single ride to the Cruise Terminal SEEGARTEN OSTSEEKAI.

So here is the right bus.

When you are coming from the Cruise Terminal you arrive at bus stop C3 in front of the shopping center.

So if you face to the front you see on the right the Shopping Center Sophienhof und on the left the train station.

So if you need to get the train to Hamburg for shore excursion you need to walk to the left.

But if you want to go to Hamburg Airport you need to go to the Bus Terminal (ZOB) and turn more to the left.

Walk one block on the left side and make a left turn and you see the Bus Terminal there.

And if you are looking for an Internet-Café. When you wait for Bus 41/42 towards Cruise Terminal you see this at the corner:

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