Hamburg, Germany - Access public transportation at Hamburg Jungfernstieg (Noble Shopping District and Canal Cruises)

Willkommen in Deutschland
Welcome to Germany

Jungfernstieg - the former footbridge of the virgins - today's noble shopping district with upgrade historic department store like Alsterhaus.

In the future when the subway from the Cruise Terminal has been completed you can just get very easily to Jungfernstieg.

Jungfernstieg is just at the Southern End of the river Alster which looks more like a lake on this map. Hamburg Cruise Center is located just South of it where buses 3, 4 and 6 terminate.

Once you arrive from the Cruise Terminal on Metrobus 4 (towards Wildacker) you get off at U S Jungfernstieg.

To the right you NORMALLY can see the River Alster if there would not be the construction site for the subway. But it would be your access to Subway, Commuter Train (incl. Airport-bound trains) and Alster Canal Cruises.

So guess you would be at Hamburg Cruise Terminal and Metrobus 4 is coming before Metrobus 6 comes and you need to get to the airport: just hop-on and get off at U S Jungefernstieg and follow the white S in a green circle until you get on the platform.

You see also from here you get every 10 minutes to the airport.

But it's important to find the platform section marked with this sign.

The train goes to two different destinations.

So it's important to know that only the first three cars of the train go to the airport.

If you have a lot of baggage: just behind the driver's cabin at the ends of the first and third car you can easily try to stow your baggage.

Maybe you missed to get off at Central Station to get on the bus to the Cruise Terminal. On weekdays you have a good chance to get a bus from here to the Cruise Terminal. On weekends you need to walk out towards "Rathausmarkt" and find Metrobus 3 towards HafenCity. But it's only a short walk. On weekdays you get off towards "Jungfernstieg".

Still continue to "Jungfernstieg"...






Once you are surface you see already the bus stop for Metrobus 4 Cruise Terminal-bound.

You must take the Metrobus 4 towards "HafenCity".

So you see not all Metrobuses 4 go to HafenCity - some also go to Central Station (Hauptbahnhof/ZOB).

It's important to know: ONLY MONDAY TO FRIDAY METROBUS 4 GOES TO HAFENCITY - on other days: reverse your direction: walk to the church and there are Metrobuses 3 and 6 which take you to HafenCity on the other days. Just few yards.

But when you made it right you should be in front of this bus.

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