Hamburg, Germany - Access public transportation and HoHo-Buses at Hamburg Central Station

Willkommen in Deutschland
Welcome to Germany

Welcome to Hamburg Hbf (= Hauptbahnhof = Central Station)...

You might be on a cruise calling Hamburg, Kiel, Warnemünde, Travemünde - you might on transit to the airport... Let me ease you finding around Hamburg Central Station:

There are two connectors between the platforms (1 and 2 are not in the hall - but underground aside...).

They are yellow marked on this map:

One connects "Steindamm" and "Mönckebergstraße" and the other "Spitalerstraße" and "Kirchenallee" - The Spitalerstraße-Kirchenallee is also called "Wandelhalle" and here you find all services like tourist information and ticket sales.but also many stores which are also open on Sunday and in the evening.

When you need lockers for baggage storage you must go to "Spitalerstraße"-"Kirchenalle"-Connector (= Wandelhalle) - on the platform you need to go to the end of the alphabet (The platforms are subdived into sections! White letters in a blue cube).

Let's go out towards "Kirchenallee" to the right.

Platform 1 and 2 are outside the station hall in the underground.

That's Kirchenallee side: CAUTION PICKPOCKETS and BEGGARS. Just say "NEIN" (like 9 in English) when you are asked for money. Do not put out any wallet at this place.

Subject you are coming from the airport you arrive from the underground station (platform 1 and 2) but once you are on the surface you see left the entrance to the station hall.

To the right you see several bus stops for Ho-Ho-Buses.

Most companies start and terminate their routes here. So you can go from one stop to the next and check which route and offer is the best for you.

Let's go to the other side: "Spitalerstraße" - which is No. 2 shopping mile in Hamburg.

If you go out and go straight ahead you are just on the way to Rathausmarkt (Town Hall Market - about 12-18 minutes walk).

If you see inside the road: pedestrian zone and all shopping.

Take a look to the left towards.

Here you find a bus stop for Bus 112 which I like to use as "cheap" way to discover Hamburg. Bus 112 takes you to Landungsbrücke (Landings Stage), St. Pauli - Reeperbahn (Adult Amusement District)...

... and to the St. Pauli Fish market which is hold on Sunday EARLY Morning (best time to visit 05.00 hrs).

There are also few Ho-Ho-Buses going from here. But I think it's better to do it from Kirchenallee side.

If you are going to the beginning of the alphabet along side the platform sections you get on the connector to "Steindamm" and "Mönckebergstraße". Due to space limit: you need to know: Platform 1 is at "Steindamm" and Platform 14 is at "Mönckebergstrasse". A very nice way to see the Landungsbrücke (Landingstage) is taking the Subway (white U on blue cube). U3 is going surface and you will have the best view to the port.

Let's go platform 14-bound and you find the exit to "City Mönckebergstraße".

If you would not be in the tunnel but surface you would see all the major department stores in this street.

But if you still follow the tunnel it's important to find the right side of the escelator (left the bridge).

and here you see all buses leaving for Rathausmarkt (Town Hall Square) if you are lazy to walk 12-18 minutes straight ahead. The Rathausmarkt is just behind the church to the right...

Best is taking 4, 5 and 109 to go Rathausmarkt and Jungfernstieg (for Noble Shopping District and Canal Cruises). But as said 12-18 minutes walk. Bus 6 takes you to the Cruise Terminal but it stops one block apart from Rathausmarkt.

Do not take the 30s bus - even they are the next. It's a rapid bus: additional surcharge requested.

Some of you are coming from Rostock (Warnemünde), Lübeck (Travemünde) or Kiel to see Hamburg.

Do you see that there are two trains on the left track???

Have a closer look: the train in the rear shows LÜBECK HBF and the platform display shows KIEL HBF...

So pay attention that you get to the right train:

Kiel-bound trains start from the "Spitalerstraße"-"Kirchenallee"-Section of the platform
Lübeck-bound trains start from "Steindamm"-"Mönckebergstraße"-Section of the platform

Just make sure that you are boarding the right train and do not get off at the wrong ship in the wrong town.

So you see the C (platform section): ABC for Lübeck and EFG for Kiel.

Normally you should not make anything wrong.

Just note: Same can happen to Rostock-bound trains which need to share the platform as well.

Some of you just came by S1-Commuter train from Hamburg Airport for the Cruise Terminal. The stop ahead of Central Station is Berlner Tor. Here you should start to sort your belongings and the next station which will be announced will be Hauptbahnhof (Central Station)

Once you left the platform. Follow the sign to "U2" on red square.

Still "U2" on red square.

And again "U2" on red square.

If you scroll to the top you see how it looks like surface.

Once you get up and make a right turn and at the street a left turn you are at this stop:

All Metrobuses 6 showing "Metrobus HafenCity" will take your to the Cruise Terminal. Frequency 15 minutes during the day time. Other show "U Rödingsmarkt" but will not take you to the Cruise Terminal.

If you arrive from the Cruise Terminal on Metrobus 6 you should NOT get off at "Hbf/Mönckebergstraße" - beside you do not mind to carry your bags two stairways down and from platform 14 to platform 3 for the Airport-bound commuter trains.

Stay and get off at "Hbf/Kirchenallee

then you are closer to platform 3.

If you do not mind to carry your bag one stairways down you should go to the rear of the bus to cross the street towards this building.

Again: That's Kirchenallee side: CAUTION PICKPOCKETS and BEGGARS. Just say "NEIN" (like 9 in English) when you are asked for money. Do not put out any wallet at this place.

The airport-bound trains are leaving from platform 3.

Just follow "S1" (white S1 in a green oval circle)

The frequency should be every 10 minutes.

No escelator down. This will be fastest way to the airport-train.

If you have more baggage and you need an elevator you need to go to the front of your bus and crossing the street:

Again: That's Kirchenallee side: CAUTION PICKPOCKETS and BEGGARS. Just say "NEIN" (like 9 in English) when you are asked for money. Do not put out any wallet at this place.

On the connector "Spitalerstraße"-"Kirchenallee" there is an elevator on the left side.

BUT if you are coming from "Spitalerstraße"-"Kirchenallee"-connector you need to walk all the platform along to the "Steindamm"-"Mönckebergstraße"-connector, because only the first 3 cars go to the airport.

Where you see the sign with the plane and "S1" - there the cars for the airport stop. But do not worry: subject you are in the wrong car. You will have few minutes to change the cars in Ohlsdorf where the train will be split up. They will make a bilingual announcement in German and English.

If you have much baggage with you: For this route they use brand new trains. But they forgot to install racks for the luggage. Best would be to fight with bicycles and wheelchairs their compartment at the beginning of the 1st car and the end of the 3rd car (in front of the driver's cabin).

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