Hamburg, Germany - Access public transportation at Hamburg Airport

Willkommen in Deutschland
Welcome to Germany

Subject you arrive by air and need to get to your cruises out of Hamburg or Kiel you need to know where to find your buses:

The cheapest way to get to Hamburg Cruise Terminal or to the City Center (Central Station = Hauptbahnhof = Hbf, Town Hall Market = Rathausmarkt and Shopping Area Jungfernstieg) is the commuter train (S-Bahn - white S in a green circle). It's just 2.75 EUR a ride.

When you collected your baggage you find these signposts.

Follow to the white S in a green circle.

All trains goes every 10 minutes to the City Center but only every 2nd train is going to Wedel outside the peak-time. So you can go on any train if want to go to Central Station and City Center only. From the Central Station you can get connected to all further train connections incl. Kiel or Lübeck (although both places are well connected by bus directly from the airport...).

Just continue to the trains.

On the way to the platform you find the ticket machines.

Here you find the instructions how to buy the tickets if you want to go Hamburg City Center, Kiel, Lübeck or Schwerin:

After buying your tickets follow the white S in the green circle to the platform...

Here you see the platform and the train waiting...

You can check the stops on the way and the estimated travel time:

Hauptbahnhof = Central Station = transfer to Hamburg Cruise Terminal and Kiel, Lübeck and Schwerin-bound trains.

Jungfernstieg = Shopping District = 5 minutes walk to Town Hall Market (Rathausmarkt) and Canal Cruises on River Alster

Landungsbrücken = Landing Stages = The port attraction in Hamburg

Reeperbahn = St. Pauli Adult Amusement District

Königstraße = Old Fishmarket = The attraction on Sunday Morning at 5.00 hrs

To "Wedel", "Blakenese" or "Altona"... all trains are going to the City Center...

For this route they use brand new trains. But they forgot to install racks for the luggage. Best would be to fight with bicycles and wheelchairs their compartment at the beginning of the 1st car and the end of the 3rd car (in front of the driver's cabin).

When you are coming back from your cruise it's simple "S1 Hamburg Airport". At the major stations in the City Center and at Ohlsdorf (junction and seperation station) and Hamburg Airport all announcements are bilingual (German/English).

Just check at the boards if your flight is leaving Terminal 1 or 2 to go to the right direction.

To find your bus you need to go towards Terminal 1 arrival level and see the bus signs.

There are three stops: A for the local buses - B for long distance buses like Kielius to Kiel or Trave Liner to Lübeck - C for courtesey buses for parking and hotels

Find B to get to Kiel (or Lübeck).

Kielius is the regular scheduled bus service for Kiel. TraveLiner is the regular scheduled bus service for Lübeck and KielExx is the scheduled shared taxi service to Kiel (but only on pre-booking on higher rates than the scheduled bus).

Here you find the schedules.

Check for this yellow-green bus from the AUTOKRAFT company if you want to go to Kiel or Lübeck.

A single ticket is 17.50 EUR (only cash - ATM just at the exit from the baggage claim!!!)
Return is 30.00 EUR. (2010 prices)
Discounts for children and families.

But you should know:

If your time and mobility allow: For 30 EUR 5 persons can go by train to Kiel.

There are combined tickets for bus plus taxi delivery in Kiel: 4.40 EUR per person.


a) it's a shared taxi ride from Kiel Central Bus Terminal...
b) you will have problems to order the taxi for your return from the Cruise Terminal to the Central Station if you do not have a cell phone working in Europe or on a cruise ship and you do not speak German
c) an individual taxi costs only 5.00 to 6.00 EUR between Cruise Terminal and Central Station - the driver will be able to order one for you directly to the bus

It's displayed "4550 Kiel ZOB" (ZOB = Zentraler Omnibus Bahnhof = Central Bus Terminal) which is located next to Kiel Central Station:

Your baggage can be loaded in the bottom of the bus.

Taxi ranks are just outside Terminal 1 and 2. Just follow the sign. A taxi to the Hamburg Cruise Terminal will be around 30.00 EUR (meter - varies to traffic and day and time of the ride).

Here is a general map showing the locations of the Terminals (1 and 2) and in between Airport Plaza. All public transport are leaving from Airport Plaza - Terminal 1 area.

If you need a baggage cart: Have a 50 (Euro-)Cent or 1 Euro-coin for deposit. Return the cart after use and insert the chain from the other cart to connect the carts and you can get back your coin.

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