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Willkommen in Deutschland
Welcome to Germany

This information apply only to guests of

SAGA RUBY of June 11, 2010 (Friday)
EURODAM of July 10, 2010 (Saturday)

in 2010.

Warnemünde can only accomodate two larger cruise ships. If there is a third one of the larger cruise ships need to go to Rostock Seaport.

Unfortunately there is nothing around but port.

Have a look to this map:

Warnemünde is at the mouth of the river Warnow to the Baltic Sea in the North of the map.

07 and 08 indicate the location of the regular cruise terminals in Warnemünde
01-04 indicate the location of the berthes for smaller cruise ships

If you move a little South East of the interactive map you will find

41 which is the location of the Rostock Seaport berth for cruise ships.

DIstances from Rostock Seaport:

20 minutes by car to Warnemünde (12 km = 7 miles)
20 minutes by car to Rostock (13 km = 8 miles)


In case you have alternative plans here are the instructions to get around.

Should anyone on SAGA RUBY need information: you see my e-mail-address in the header. Contact me and I will add the information accordingly.

WELCOME TO ROSTOCK. It's not a cruise terminal like in Warnemünde and normally there are no passengers ships berthing here.

If you go ahead you will find Ost-West-Straße. If you face to the right and see the building you will also find a small car rental company where you also can pre-book a taxi.

HERTZ will also deliver cars to Pier 41 against fee (15.00 EUR plus tax - but please make sure how to return the keys when you communicate with them. There is no key drop box like in Warnemünde).

See here to book cars:


And before your reach this market a right turn. This market is dedicated for Scandinivian truck drivers and sailors. Be sure you find all kind of alcohol there.

Next there should be a small Post branch and an ATM.

Followed by a bus stop which is important if your ship does not provide a shuttle service and you want to go to Warnemünde (or also to Rostock if the train does not run).

You can download a route network here:

Important for you:

Bus 45 towards HP Lütten Klein (Commuter-Train Station Lütten Klein)
From here you get to Rostock Central Station or Warnemünde by S1-commuter trains.

the schedule is available here:

departure time from here:

07.49 hrs, 09.07 hrs and then 04 minutes past the hour from 10.04 hrs on Saturday

Once you arrived in Lütten Klein the situation looks like this:

On the side where the buses stops the Warnemünde-bound trains depart. (during the day time every 15 minutes).

On the opposite side which you can reach by using the subway the Rostock-bound trains depart.

When you return from Rostock or Warnemünde you must find Stop H where Bus 45 Warnowblick-bound departs.

So you see it here in the relation to the train station.

Last connection on Saturday:

18.36 hrs from here and very last 19.26 hrs
i. e. last connections to meet this connections from Warnemünde 18.22 hrs or 19.07 hrs
i. e. last connections from Rostock 18.16 hrs or 19.01 hrs

But now back to Rostock Seehafen:

The best way to get to Rostock City and Central Station for connections to Berlin, Schwerin, Lübeck, Güstrow, Bad Doberan (Molli-Train), Wismar etc. is taking the commuter train (S-Bahn).

If you continue to walk few steps more you see left this scenario with the Commuter Train (S-Bahn).

S3 will take you from here (Rostock-Seehafen Nord) to Rostock Central Station:

07.06 hrs, 06 minutes past the hour from 09.06 hrs until 22.06 hrs EXECEPTION 14.03 hrs and 16.03 hrs on Saturday
TRANSIT TIME TO ROSTOCK CENTRAL STATION 18 MINUTES (in case you want to continue to places like Berlin, Schwerin, Hamburg, Lübeck, Wismar, Bad Doberan (for Molli-Train))

Getting back from Central Station:

34 minutes past the hour until 21.34 hrs

Once you arrive back you see already the sign

and make a right turn and later at the end of street...

you make a turn to the left where your ship should wait for you.

Scroll down to get explainations how to buy tickets at the ticket machine.

Due to the long gap between 07.06 hrs and 09.06 hrs you might want to take the bus to Rostock but there is no direct bus!

Opposite of the train station you find this stop:

Bue 45 Warnowblick-bound:

Here is the schedule to download:

06.39 hrs, 07.32 hrs, 07.52 hrs, 08.52 hrs and then 50 minutes past the hour.

On Saturday the bus continues as Route 14 to Dierkower Kreuz so you stay on the bus until you arrived Dierkower Kreuz and change to Tram 3 to Rostock Central Station (Direction Neuer Friedhof).

Arrival times at Dierkower Kreuz:

07.09 hrs, 08.01 hrs, 08.21 hrs and then 21 minutes past the hour

Connections to tram 3 at Dierkower Kreuz:

07.14 hrs, 08.10 hrs, 08.30 hrs and then 30 minutes past the hour

Arrival times at Rostock Central Station (= Hauptbahnhof = Hbf)

07.24 hrs, 08.21 hrs, 08.41 hrs and then 30 minutes past the hour

The bus also stops if your arrive at your berth to the right and leaves a minute earlier than above indicated.

To buy tickets if you take the train:

There is only an older machine which does not accept any credit cards and change is very limited.

So if you like to go to Berlin, Lübeck, Schwerin, Wismar you better buy the ticket online and choose the daypasses as described.

All others need to have Euros and have to follow these instructions for destinations like Rostock, Bad Doberan (for Molli-Train), Güstrow

First you need to identify the code number for your destination.

like Rostock Central Station (= Hbf = Hauptbahnhof) = 340 (it's valid for a tram ride to the city center as well. It's an integrated tariff)

or Berlin Hbf = 964

or Schwerin Hbf = 371

.The left column is generally for adult fare - the right column for reduced fare for children and dogs.

So if you enter the number 340 at the keypad for Rostock and press the left column "DB Einzelfahrkarte VVW" you get single tickets for 1.70 EUR.

If you press "Tageskarte VVW" you can get a day pass for singles at 4.50 EUR (but 2 x single @ 1.70 EUR = 3.40 EUR if you just want to go to Rostock and come back...)

or "Gruppentageskarte VVW" you can get a group ticket for 5 persons at 13.50 EUR (would make sense with a party of 4 or 5 as this would be cheaper than single tickets for a return trip).

That's very important: you need to stamp/cancel/validate the ticket the first time.

Same would work with Bad Doberan (for Molli-Train) or Güstrow. Check the number on the board.

Tickets to Schwerin:

And if you press now additionally "DB Hin- und Rückfahrt" you get a return ticket for 36.00 EUR.

Just to show you regular fare and how to buy tickets...

But a day pass (Saturday without time restrictions) would be for singles 18.00 EUR (28.00 EUR in 1st class) and for a group of 5 26.00 EUR (48.00 EUR in 1st class). Just press "DB Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Ticket"

1 is the group option
2 is the single option

You can buy these passes in advance. So you need to enter the date of travel.

If you like to go 1st class you should press now "DB 1./2. Klasse".

But said before: better you buy this ticket online before. If you put now a 50 EUR into this machine you get 24 EUR in change back!!!

If you like to go to Berlin the cheapest way will be "DB Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket" which is valid for a group 5 and includes rides in public transport in Berlin as well.

1 = Schönes Wochenende Ticket.

But said before: better you buy this ticket online before.

If you have more questions how to get around from Rostock Seaport: do not hesitate to ask.



  1. Great information. I'm still hoping Holland line will bus us to Rostock center city and back. Then we can ferry or train to Warnemunde and back.
    Your new site layout is fantastic. I hope it cuts down drastically on your repeat questions.
    Thanks for alol your help.

  2. Can I buy the Group Day Gruppentageskarte VVW ticket from the bus driver when boarding Bus 45 at Rostock Seehafen bus stop?


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