Puerto Limón, Costa Rica - Private Tour Cahuita and Tortuguero National Parks

It was raining dogs and cats the day we arrived in Puerto Limón. To make sure I just called Gaby if the tour will start due to this weather. We knew her from egyptnic (Nicole and Harald). You can check her website http://cahuita.npage.com. Currently her website is in German. The English version is under construction. But she also offers tours in English.

As Gaby is a small operator she was not allowed to enter the port area. So we need to get outside where she waited for us. Because it was raining dog and cats and due to her draft CELEBRITY EQUINOX could not berth at the cruise ship quay the walk to the exit was extremely long. A shuttle was not offered by port or ship. When we walked back to the ship there were taxi which returned from tours who offer for 1 USD a shuttle service. Whenever you mention Gaby's name you was directed to the exit to fid her.

That was Charlie Soto's bus. Other cruisecritic.com-members booked a tour with him. I did not take too much attention as Gaby might charter the bus from them.

But then the bus driver asked what we were doing in his bus... I have not entered yet so far...

O. K. Let us say it this way... the shape might be very similiar so you can mix up the buses... it was a mini-bus as well somehow...

The first point was a Chiquita banana-plantage.

But a stay was not recommended if they were spraying.

Gaby helped us to get closer to the ecology and economy of the country. And the consequeces for environement and men.

But we preferred anyway to buy organic bananas.

She showed us how they manipulated the plant to get them ready for the market.

Next time I should have some wet tissues with me for the worst case I touched something there around.

A millipede was crossing the road. But I was unable to count if it was really "milli" (1,000) as a car was approching.

When we arrived at Cahuita-National Park it was raining dogs and cat again. We had luckily our Aquapac with us so that we could protect the camera against water somehow.

At least there was Coke... welcome in the rain forrest...

The weather changed from one minute to the next. But what would be a rain forrest without rain?

It was not allowed to take them as souvenirs.

Last chance to see a rest room...

But it was good that I took Immodium (lactose intollerance - nothing to do with norovirus...). So there was no need for me to use one. I think this restrooms were sponsored by Tranquility. Here you had a good chance to aquire new customers by giving them some samplers. I discovered a market gap as well: I would organise in German senior residences as therapy to keep them busy circles who are crocheting the cover for rolls of toilet paper on hat shelf. And these I would sell with a roll of toilet paper for a lot of money. So I could refinance my next cruise. Who likes to run when you sit already to the cashier to ask for some toilet paper???

The first bird to see...

In this area it was forbidden to swim as the waves were too rough.

They gave extra warnings... but totally harmless for non-swimmers - or???

Gaby said that the best would be to use umbrellas.

It looked this way if your tour become wet... and the palm as well...

Such nice blossoms were the highlights of the tour.

Gaby would be the death for each hotel director on a cruise ship... She touched everything that we can make acquaintance with it.

A termite net.

There were no highways but termite trails...

She looked that we did not destroy of the infrastructure of the termite.

The transferred so much knowledge: best would be to have a voice recorder with you. I cannot remember so much details what she gave us. Something was special with this tree: maybe it was the red colour...

A wesp net.

Richard was also very excited about the motives he could for his camera.

I always wanted to know how you get coffee into the package...

But I became speachless when she unpacked coffeebeans and explained the further processing steps... Only a coffee mill and a coffee machine was missing to offer a coffee tasting.

Gaby told us how she rescued this plant as she get lost from the ground during a storm. Without being fixed again she will not survive.

I was surprised that Tarzan was able to swing from one liane to the liane. It reminds me more to jackstraw. Before he decided which liane should be the best the bad boys should have caught him.

We should attend the beauty of this tree... Ahhh... I was grown up in a big city: no idea what she was telling about...

She took the injured crab. Only because she had no first-aid-bag with her she was not sewing the missing leg to the leg etc. etc.

Something was very special... best would be to make the tour and ask her again... I forgot it... (Appendix: it was a Noni-plant which should have a good influence to your health.).

Do not ask me what was so special with this trunk. I had so much nature for one hour like I had for I had all the last two years.

We walked already 0.6 miles. Because it rained and the sandy way was wet it was like walking 6 miles... Why cannot there be a zip line avaialbe in this national park???

Finally howler monkeys were discovered.

That were the crabs who obviously lived as vegetarians.

Only when you were absolutely silent you had a chance to see them. The locals who wanted to walk to the beach only thought that we had a cooccoo and just walked while we moved on our tiptoes when we passed their holes.

At the Suarez Creek we arrived the point of return.

We walked so far away to this bay. How do I get a taxi???

Looked like rain again.

The weather made me desperate.

Gaby walked and checked for animals which we could take pictures of.

Here normally a river flows into the sea. But at the moment it was dry time and so the water of the river ended before it reached the sea.

More birds.

We finally returned...

And again a crab.

A little capuchin money opened a bag with snacks. As nutritionist for monkeys the bag of unroasted and unsalted was approved by Gaby for consumption.

With some sun we left Cahuita National Park. We hoped that it would stayed this way.

There was no lunch-break in our schedule. Who need a lunch should better book a tour specialized for American guests who preferred to have a lunch stop. We took some organic brioches from the Aqua Spá Café this morning. A Tupperware-box which we had with us was very practical.

Due to the rain the order of the places was changed and so it fit perfectly that it was just lunch-time... By accident the patties-salesman came along our way and Gaby bought us some.

The did not just looked like handmade they tasted handmade. We made a good exchange: Patties for organic brioches.

We stopped at the fruit store which was already pre-advised by egyptnic (Nicole and Harald).

All of us were full but the fresh fruits were too inviting.

If you think how long the fruits need until they are with us and how much they are... and here fresh from the harvest...

They cut off all kind of fruits which we might not know from home.

Richard offered me some water apple... but I am from the Odenwald area... apple area pure... if he could convince me???

They opened a coconut for Katie and Charlie tried an organic banana.

Also some boiled corn cob was offered.

The freshly cut pineapple which Bruno tasted: just sweet - convenient sweet - no acid feeling when you eat it.

Should we try another coconut or not... but if would not had the patties before... I was so full...

As we had again such a great bus which a had bench facing to the rear Gaby could show and explain us a lot during the ride...

The next cruise with a Pacific Costa Rican port (like Puntarenas) can be booked without addtional approval. Just now there was an outbreak of a vulcano which was closer to the Pacific than to the Atlantic. Bruno was so fascinated that Gaby as Geologist was able to tell so much about it. She told him of the idea to make a landbased round-trip from vulcano to the next. That was too much for me. I decided to do a single-cruise while he is doing his vulcanos.

We continued with Frederico on the canals of the Tortuguero National Park... If you hear him talking his name should be typical Austrian like Franz-Joseph or Wolfgang Amadeus.

It was raining dogs and cats again and I was surprised that they did not cancel this part of the tour.

When they returned we did not like to start. Look at the roof: looked like fixed with tape only... we did not have too much confidence in these kind of ships...

But honestly we were happy to see that Frederico came with this boat which looke much more stable... but like a duck... somehow...

You could board quite comfortable over the bow of the ship.

We had so much space and were well protected against rain so each of us had its royal box of its own....

Others might get closer to the objects... but with this rain...

But in contrary to Venice I could afford a private tour with driver... and a little comfort was quite appreciated.

Watching this I was quite relaxed that our ship was closed and we did not need any ponchos.

There was also one size larger and closed but somehow I think that you will loose the contact to the nature...

But you can get XL...

and XXL like the ship's tours were using them... I doubted that you can stop spontaneously and make a U-turn to have a closer look to the animals.

Somehow I was quite happy that we did not take a taxi back to the ship because the rain started.

In the beginning it looked like watching plants only... I was not a fan of salad, vegetables and fruits... Only nice for a bouqet of flowers...

"Yes - we have no bananas! We have no bananas today..." I doubt that this good old song was composed here...

For just a moment the rained stop... so we opened all walls... They were barely above and it started to rain gain... as we had enough space we could let them open.

I knew him from Panama City. Looked like he followed us.

Outside a ship from Dole came to load bananas.

One family who was doing camping escaped unter the tent.

In German we say for odd fishes: all the sloped birds - but this will not fit here as they do not look like fishes.

Even the birds escaped because it was too wet...

Only the kid had fun and excercised for Acapulco from the bridge...

Gaby got a natural banana which could propogate in their "natural" way: So you had bananas with cores.

As it was Sunday and there was soccer transmission on TV none from the coast guards showed up and checked us like someone told us.

A sloth was hanging around... but was that not naturally???

And an iguana... Frederico drove and discovered for us all the animals Gaby was explaining us... Would it not be easier to put an GPS-receiver on the animals???

There were three bats (you are never too old to learn new things... although I know Bat-Man since I am child... now I know what it means... never had an occassion to translate this word before...) on the ant trail were hiding while sleeping.

To avoid any disappointments when you visit this canal they made sure that you cannot be disappointed as this boy arranged some animals to see.

Also a little caiman (with an i - has nothing to do with Cayman Islands) was part of the show.

Was the coon not just sweet...

Should I check for Katie if the coon was protected by CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) - or if they a coon will have a new home in Salzgitter, Germany with a dog and a cat???

He also showed us an ocean turtle which were protected here by several projects.

The rain did not stop.

You can get here Licher Pilsener (A German beer brand): Where you can find a kingfisher you can get a glass of Licher Pilsener around (Licher Pilsener made the kingfisher very popular by TV-commercials in Germany.

But then we got some apish thing to see in the nature...

Before we reached the port she offered us one more time a nice view to our ship.

We returned to the place where we started an impressive tour this morning. But now here were many of the street kids who touched you to reach their aims. Gaby told us not give them anything... and to gave her all we had... ha ha ha... no - she offered us a tour which you cannot get in this form with others and gave us impressions we Europeans might not be able to get them again so soon. The tour was worth.

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