Coxen Hole, Honduras - Private Tour "Best of Roatan"

What a pity that the stay in this port was very short. But it was also nice to arrive and to leave a port during the daylight.

With paiagirl (Frances and Eddie from and Katie and Charlie and ssCRUISERS (Scott and Sandy) and rolloman (Rolleigh all from we had a private tour with Victor Bodden.

We booked Victor Bodden due to recommendation of BamaGal53 (Kathy from who was in our roll-call for the final sailing of NORWEGIAN DREAM but finally canceled.

On the left side the taxis were waiting for guests.

Francisco was waiting for us with his minibus. It was very convenient on our tour: you could just be quite without being blamed for not being entertaining. I was allowed to decide with whom and in which language I was talking to someone. There was no need to have just one opinion: Each of us was able to have a different opinion and share it with others and without rated as general opinion.

A victim of the last storm...

It was the "Best of Roatan"-Tour and you can add options to this tour.

Do you remember James Bond's THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN??? There was a little waiter who was called Schnick-Schnack: Hervé Villechaize. He played also in the TV-show FANTASY ISLAND. Some of the outdoor shots should have been made here.

We were taken at first to a observation point. There you can see the cliff where the water broke.

The name of the place was THE VIEW suggested itself.

Francisco was a so-called taxi-guide i. e. he was driving and guiding. The other tours we made we had a tour guide and a different driver. You could feel this in your wallet. But it should be very difficult to find a German speaking tourguide on Roatan. With the help of the tourist office I had contact with a German speaking tour-operator. But they did not want to quote unless I could offer them a busload full of guests.

We drove to a resort.

Looked nice to spend 10 USD for a beach day. But Francisco told us that there were nicer resorts.

For practical reasons: where it was nice there was a resort.

To us it made a good impression.

For a cup of coffee and the use of the restroom there was no need to pay 10 USD because they hoped to acquire new customers who might be interested to invest in a time-sharing-project.

Really pity.

Nicely maintained.

Hope it should work out the next time.

We will keep this resort in our mind.

It was occassionally quite narrow.

Up on an observation point two policemen allow Kate and Charles to have pictures with them. And it was nice: not like Egypt when they opened their hand... A Gracias was just enough.

Over this muddy road we went down the observation point.

Not a very representative quarter.

Less inviting.

We continued to the Monkey Business which costed now 5 USD admission fee. At the time of booking it was 2 USD but Victor kept us informed about the new prices.

In theory credit cards were accepted. But the authorisation network did not run so you could only pay in cash.

Who was expecting the infrastructure of a zoological garden might be disappointed.

You see some animals like you would see in the nature. In a tight atmosphere - but without the need to do a long jungle tour.

If the airlines will restrict more and more the carriage of baggage Scott will have only two alternatives: a small compact camera or a cruise for nudists... A true professional will go on a nudist cruise before he would waive his photo equipement - or???

Somehow sweet.

You could also go into the cages to see it from the view of the animals.

So you had the chance to take pictures without any fence.

Which language he might speak???

This was possible as well.

Here I wanted to get quickly out... As nice as they sit on the bar... as bad it was to get hit by them on a natural way...

The little knew how to open a purse and what to look for...

You had only access with a guide to make sure that nothing will happen.

By the way: my I introduce Victor Bodden himself.

We continued to Roatan's Butterfly Garden. The admission fee was 7 USD. But here the card reader did not work either.

Looked nice but dangerous... he was not a pure vegetarian.

Everybody who thought that I have bats in a belfry (or in German: to have a bird...) were totally right... indeed I had a bird and it is fun. Some of you who all I wrote as well...

Many of the birds were fed until they could be released back to wild life.

The bird took German lessons with Katie...

The parrots were found partly without any feather. Here they can recreate from their trauma. One of the parrots recognized his tantalizer and bited off a piece of his finger.

The fawns will be released to walk around in the park when the park was closed. They were released and came back because they were not anymore accepted by their mother.

We continued to the butterfly hall. There were odd ducks like me.

Did he look as odd???

Finally to the butterflies.

This visit was worth.

We continued to Westend. But as it was raining we did not like to walk around.

There were few nice shops here around.

A stay with sunshine with a short bath in the Caribbean Sea would be very nice.

But it should not be this day.

We continued to another resort which was open for further time-sharing-investors.

Here were beach life - come rain or shine.

The beach bar was very busy.

We did not go to the water... but put our feet into the water... but you see other did their swimming.

A nice waterfall to feed the pool.


And another resort was on the way back to the cruise terminal.


  1. Good stuff. It is interesting to read comments.

  2. Awesome pictures of the city! I've never been there but hopefully i will take a offer soon because they told me it's an awesome country, i'm really excited


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