Valletta, Malta - Private Tour Southern Malta

And there was Valletta. Once we did not cruise. Not our best memories. But everybody gets a 2nd chance. Malta too.

The first views in sunshine were very impressive.

A lot of things look much more nicer than in a December before an eternity.

HSBC welcomed us.

And there is the cruise terminal at the so-called Waterfront.

When we turned around my attention was attracted by MSC ORCHESTRA which was in the drydock.

Als wir drehen, werde ich auf die MSC ORCHESTRA aufmerksam gemacht, die im Trockendock ist.

Zur kommenden Saison wird wohl auch Malta Ausgangspunkt von MSC-Kreuzfahrten, wie man uns später erzählt.

Next season Malta becomes embarkation port as we were told later the day.

We only call ports in the European Union. Is there any Tax-Free-Shopping anymore??? At this time the shop is still closed so I had no idea if this is true.

For the local cruise markets on Malta and Cyprus Valletta is embarkation port. They walk over to the left to pass the customs and open-air-baggage-claim while we were walking out to the right.

How you get further.

Just walk alongside the waterfront.

Here you find everything a ordinary cruiser needs.

Many restaurants and services.

At Browns you can use free of charge your notebook and you do need to ask for log-in-details to get connected by WiFi. Later the day I had a drink while I uploaded some pictures for you.

Here is also an internet-cafe but without accessibilty for a notebook of your own.

And an ATM from HSBC.

You find here taxi companies...

Ho-Ho-Bus-operators and AVIS.

The yellow buses on Malta have not changed. Route 198 will get you to Valletta central bus terminal at the city wall.

Debarking guests were waiting for their pick-ups.

Sea Passenger Terminal... Sounds very giant for such an old warehouse.

Later you need to access the cruise terminal from the other side of the Waterfront.

You need to go away from the ship before you get to the ship...

Man muss erst mal vom Schiff sich abwenden, um zum Schiff zu kommen.

Und durchläuft erst mal einen Parcours durch die Duty Free Shops: 16 EUR für eine Stange Zigaretten.

And you run a concourse through the Duty Free Shops: 16 EUR for a box of cigarettes.

On the website of the Maltese Tourist Board we found a list of the official tour guides. Many requests came back because it was not updated. Our tour guide came with her car to collect us.

Her job was to make us hungry on Malta that we will return one day and she should show us the hidden beauties of the island.

Our first way was to the so-called The Three Cities.

Just cute.

She took us to the most important place of our today's route.

You can watch over Valletta

and Vittoriosa...

By this way: that's our tour guide: Sabine Attard. A German who lives for many years on Malta. Unfortunately she offers only tours in German. But if you like to have Maltese food you should visit her restaurant: Restaurants ta'Cassia Salina If her food is half as good as her explanations a visit of her restaurant must be double as great. And her explanations were just brilliant.

She explained also the Maltese language. English is no more official language.

The reason why it's the best place of the tour: you can watch the additional berthes for cruise ships if the waterfront is fully occupied.

You can also see the dry dock. Sabine could also tell me the acceptable sizes of ship. But I cannot remember such facts.

Man kann so schön zum Trockendock rübergucken. Sabine konnte mir sogar die Schiffsgröße sagen, die dort aufgenommen werden. Aber so etwas kann ich mir nicht merken.

Vor allem: hier war der allerschönste Platz, um MEINE NORWEGIAN GEM zu fotografieren.

But especially: here we had the very best place to take pictures of MY NORWEGIAN GEM.

I cannot remember all names. So just enjoy the pictures.

The overhanging balconies were dedicated for ladies that none can watch them from the ground.

The fisherman's village Marsaxlokk was the most beautiful we saw this day.

Even the NCL-buses found there way to this place.

We learned a lot of architecture. For Sabine it's also part of her tour to see the origin of the bricks for the typical Maltese buildings.

Next stop is the Blue Grotto.

We remembered this place. But we did not want to do a boat tour as we had no time either.

So far Malta was a k.o.-criteria. But with Sabine's help we liked it very much.

Even a Maltese falcon was ordered for us.

By coincidence there was a falconer and animal movie maker.

She told us also about flowers and plants. But as I am getting older and older I cannot remember all details.

Like I remember from the last time on Malta: no signpost. Left side the highway and right side a country road. Road holes like an old mogul piste

Next stop Mdina.

Also a place we remembered very well.

Nothing has changed so far.

But with a weather like this you can just enjoy the view.

Just brilliant.

Sabine suggested to have a cup of coffee at Café Fontanella because there should be the best Cappucino on Malta available.

We we walked along this lane Bruno and me knew that we have been here before.

Indeed we knew this place.

The view from here is just gorgeous.

A spectucar view all over the island.

We walked back to her car. In Mdina only residents can drive within the city.

Due to the silent holidays in November and Malta is strictly Catholic we get also such insights.

The old English style street signs were replaced by bilingual once.

You can get here by Ho-Ho-Bus.

Subject we are coming back and may not fit into Sabine's car we might need a van-company... You never know.

Time to get back to Valletta.

That's the place in front of the city wall where all buses start. We did not use it as Sabine took us around. A wonderful excursion was terminating. If we will stay longer on Malta we would include a visit of Sabine's restaurant. And that's in the Northern Part which we have not visited so far. So perfect for us.

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