Cannes, France - DIY Grasse

Originally it was planned to leave the ship early and go to Grasse. From here to take the train to Nice and then alongside the coastal road back. After the stressy days before we cancelled Nice as we will call Nice itself on OCEAN PRINCESS next year. So we wanted to enjoy the last day on board and woke up late and cut the programme. When I woke up in the morning it was still dark when we anchored.

It was a surprise that there were no tender-tickets available. I called Ryan and asked for and he offered us to escort us to the tender-boat-exit on deck 4.

When we arrived there at 9 am it was calm anyway.

At the tender-terminal nothing has not changed so far since our visit on NORWEGIAN JADE.

That you need to be back so soon was a shame. For Monte Carlo in the next season there are eight hours as well but better allocated from 10 am to 6 pm which I think is more convenient.

Still the same.

This time I took the occassion to see around in the tourist-information. There I also got maps for Cannes, Nice, Grasse, Monte Carlo etc. etc. I was very much interested in car rental locations. Europcar was too far away. I remember that they recommend another company. But when I asked the main office of the tourist information I got only a list of all companies in Cannes. But here I found the flyer I was looking for: Mistral Car Rental. To get to rue Georges Clémenceau is much more easier from the tender terminal. But this time we were interested to use the bus...

Outside there is a map which I have not seen last year.

Allo Taxi offered also taxi tours.

We need to cross the parking because we need to get to the bus.

Route 8 connects Quai Labeuf with Antibes. A round trip for one hour is available for 2 EUR.

You can get on the trace of the movie stars by using the little train.

We did not want to use the tourist lines but the public lines - so we need to make a left-turn.

Then a right-turn to the stairs.

Again to the left when you arrived above.

But if you make a right-turn instead you find an internet-café.

The bus stop is a little hidden.

Each of two routes takes you in a 15-minutes-interval to the train station. So you can get easily to the train station as many cruisers warned that it should be too far to walk...

Routes 1, 2 and 20 will get you to the train station. A network map can be found here:

As we planned to continue to Grasse we bought with the driver a transfer ticket to Grasse (Billet vers Grasse en correspondance à ligne 600 (sixcent)). For just 1 EUR for each person we got a ticket for the section to the train station and another one for the section to Grasse which we should present to the next bus driver.

At the train station you need to walk back as the buses to Grasse start from the rear right side.

I see that the AVIS location at the train station is closer than Europcar.

That's the machines to collect your tickets if you pre-book them on TGV Europe - The international website of French Railways SNCF. But I cancelled my tickets in internet and it occured 2.50 EUR cancellation fee.

It was easy to work with this machine and within few minutes I could also get new tickets in English.

There would be also a train to Grasse but not for 1 EUR. It goes less then the bus but is much more faster.

The blue machines are for the regional traffic of French Railways SNCF: TER.

But here the foreign language skills are very limited.

I think you can manage it as well by following your insticts.

AVIS is easier to handle than Europcar. Let's see if we can use it another time.

The plans for the walking tours ran out at the tender boat station. So I got here one.

Bus 600 will get us to Grasse. During the rush-hours the bus go every 20 minutes or 30 minutes all other times.

TAM's office is normally closed on Saturday. So I cannot ask if the ride to Monte Carlo by bus is now 1 or 2 EUR...

Our bus was waiting...

Against presentation of the previous ticket for three persons we got three single tickets from the driver without additional payment.

I calculate for myself that I cannot made it back on the ship before 1.30 pm to have lunch in Grand Pacific Main Restaurant. But I wanted to say good-bye to Luiza and Adina. While Bruno and my sister continued to Grasse as planned I returned to the ship. They got the order to buy a gift for a friend who has birthday.

They arrived at the bus terminal which is located a little outside the city center. But as the bus does not use the same streets back it was good for them to know where the bus terminal was located.

Everything was walkable. As I was not there further pictures follow without comments. They said that the villages on Malta was more exciting.

They bought a shower gel at Fragonard as the cheapest parfume at the outlet was 35 EUR. Most production plants were moved outside the city.

For 1 EUR they got back to Cannes.

Due to nice weather they preferred to enjoy the city while walking to the tender boat terminal.

Before 2 pm they got back on a tender boat. Not anymore so close to departure like last time when they moved back tables, signposts etc. back to NORWEGIAN JADE.

Business as usual: floating barriers in the marina.

So we bid farewell to our last port of call with sunshine.

Let's see when we will have an occassion to see Cannes as well.

and having a cappucino at Carlton... You might know better the hotel from the TV-commercial for Egoiste (Chanel). I am sure that they will break the record for a cappucino of 5.50 EUR...

Just after leaving Cannes we got in to a wall of clouds. Mid of November and such a luck with the weather - unbelievable.

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