Kiel - Lübeck - Bad Kleinen - Rostock - Warnemünde, Germany: A cross-country train ride

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Willkommen in Deutschland!
Welcome to Germany!

I am in Kiel and I need to be in Warnemünde tonight.

So Kiel - Lübeck is interesting for travellers berthing in Kiel as it is their outward journey


Lübeck  - Bad Kleinen - Rostock - Warnemünde is interesting for travellers berthing in Warnemünde as it is their return journey.

How you get to Kiel Central Station check here:

How to buy tickets from Kiel to Lübeck:

And very important:

There is a service disruption from August 22 until the end of the cruise season in 2009:

So our tour starts in Kiel Central Station...

Let me have a little comfort... 1st class in German Regional Trains...

Stay right until BAD SCHWARTAU to see the lakes in Plön...

But once in BAD SCHWARTAU you should change to the left to see the attractions of Lübeck. Unfortunately only for those cruisers on Kiel - Lübeck section.

Starting from Lübeck at 17.04 hrs. That's the connection a lot of cruisers are using to return to their ships in Warnemünde.

If you are not going on 17.04 hrs is this an important information for those who are departing at other times like here 19.04 hrs:

This means that the front part of your train is going for Bad Kleinen only.

So check the signpost at the train car before you enter.

"Zug fährt in 2 Teilen" means "train operates in two parts"

"hinten: Lüneburg" means "rear part for Lüneburg" (which is a beautiful city but might not help when you need to return to Warnemünde...)

But back into our train: enjoy the landscape of Mecklenburg.

Once you arrive in Bad Kleinen (we had a small delay on the way but arrived but Bad Kleinen scheduled). For those to are travelling to Rostock, Warnemünde need to walk over to the other platform. To the right of the riding direction.

That's interesting for whose who returned earlier from Lübeck and want to continue to Wismar or Schwerin: check the boards like here: Now it would be the opposite track but it's also possible that the train starts from the other platform.

But for Rostock just go down and to the right.

Few stairs and this short tunnel to bridge this distance between the two different platforms.

"Zug fällt aus" means train is cancelled. It was due to breakdown of the locomotion. Can happen. But it's not normal. If you come in this trouble: The service store which can help you is on the other platform. For the worst case: still time to take a cab and ask later German Railways for voluntary compensation if nobody can help.

"ca. 5 Minuten später" means approx. five minutes later which means in the language of German Railways between 5 and 10 minutes delay. We departed with 8 minutes delay.

But those who are afraid of missing trains in Bad Kleinen due to short transit times:

In the rear there is still the Lübeck-bound train waiting for the connection from Schwerin (Hamburg) although it should depart already 18.02 hrs. But Bad Kleinen is just the junction station connecting the trains Hamburg - Schwerin - Rostock with Wismar and Lübeck. Normally each train waits for each other if there is a small delay.

"noch 1 Minute" means one more minute. It's currently 18.40 hrs. One more minute to go: 18.41 hrs in Schwaan and it's scheduled stop was 18.39 hrs. I. e. 2 of 8 minutes delay left over.

When you approach Rostock you see your connecting trains. 19.01 hrs for Warnemünde still appears. And we arrived very punctual.

And once we arrive: the commuter train to Warnemünde is waiting on the other platform.

Track 2

Confirmed for Warnemünde.

And back in my 1st class-car...

Back in Warnemünde at 19.22 hrs...

Have a great day in Lübeck.


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