Dover, UK - Cruise Terminal, City Center, Pencester Road Bus Station, Sightseeing-Bus, National Express, Car Rental, Castle

We used a car rental to get from Heathrow Airport to Dover.

Around 10.00 hrs we reached Dover. We dropped-off our bags.

For the very first time we had the occassion to see the castle.

You need some time to get to on the castle as the traffic control let only alternating few cars in and out.

The admission fee is 10 GBP pp. As we waited very long in the queue we did not care too much for the price. Anyhow 30 minutes was only left until we need to be at the Bus Station to pick up Bruno's sister and brother-in-law at 11.00 hrs...

We enjoyed the beautiful view and moeve (she is a cc-member - but it's German and means seagull)... and we were able to defense MY EURODAM against the attack from the castle...

Finally we made it so close to the White Cliffs... and observed the ferry terminal life.

Here you can also get on the coaches to Continental Europe with destinations like Paris, Brussels, Cologne, Amsterdam. More you find also on National Express' website.

Major other car rental company are located in the Ferry Terminal building.

The only reason why we paid the 20 GBP: from here we were able to take pictures of MY EURODAM. But the location of the sun is unpleasent for taking pictures in the morning.

By the way: who loves to walk from the City Center to the Cruise Terminal... The Cruise Terminal is on the left part of this picture and the City Center to the right...

So roughly around 10 times of the length of the ship... so start to excercise...

Bruno's Sister and Brother-in-law arrived by NATIONAL EXPRESS.

We were lucky that we still had the car. There was no taxi around. But we should have solved the reunion problem much more easier: It was not avaialable in any schedule: 08.30 hrs departure from London Victoria also stopped at the Cruise Terminal. So we could not be with them to see their faces when they see a ship like MY EURODAM much more larger than our DELPHIN which we used before with them.

At the end of the pedestrian shopping zone you find the town hall (that's no church). Here you also find the tourist information.

EUROPCAR (National/Alama) is located in sight and walk distance to the Cruise Terminal.

And you can return and collect cars out of office hours...

A driver of EUROPCAR drove us to the Cruise Terminal so we did not need to walk with all the baggage.

We could also have used the shuttle to the city and to the castle.

Some costs transparency for the different mean of transports.

Hope some information from our trip was helpful for your plannings.



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