Copenhagen, Denmark - Tour to kill time until late flight departure

We read with many other cruisers that they have the same problem like we had:

early arrival by ship in Copenhagen
and late departure home

One suggestion to solve the problem might be our activities the day:

We ordered our taxi with Codantaxi ( 09.30 hrs. At 09.29 hrs our driver was waiting for us.

We used the meter with beat 2...

Then we went first to Langelinie-Terminal (the other cruise terminal).

As I am shipspotter to take pictures of the ship there but also for



Georg Jensen... open on Sunday but not on Saturday...

... and Holmegaard...

After checking Langeline-Terminal we went to this place which everyone wanted to visit...

But next year she will not be there... She will be on EXPO 2010 in Shanghai... The Chinese are World Champion to copy... why do they need the original??? And 2011 we will see her in Hong Kong, Xingang, Dalian, Tianjin etc. etc.... If there are copies: I can see her without Chinese tour groups around as they have her by themselves (subject they return her to Denmark) and they do not need to go to Copenhagen anymore to see her.

We continued for Rosenborg Palace...

He showed me his tongue... But he refused to repeat when I was waiting with the camera to take a picture of his tongue...

A very nice oasis in Copenhagen. Even cats liked the place...

Our driver took us to the Fredrikschurch and stopped there so can walk over the square at Amalienborg Palace...

We continued for the airport... Our driver took a shortcut by crossing the square in front of the palace...

On the way to the airport we stopped at an ATM. But I saw that HAL hold several amounts of my credit card so that we do get anything (we are using a prepaid-VISA with an individual photo showing our favourite cruise ship BLACK PRINCE and us - it's good for non-Euro-transactions as we are paying only 1% for conversion: so for most cruise ships charging in USD or GBP and for shore expenses like here in Denmark - but if a cruise ship line holds too much you cannot get the amount you need although it should be on your account). So have to use our more expensive cards to get cash... But it was unnecessary as the driver offered us to pay by credit card...

We paid for 1 1/2 hours 750 DKK incl. tips (which is uncommon in Denmark but we had a very nice driver).

At approx. 11.00 hrs we arrived at the airport.

We checked-in. Bruno's Sister and Brother-in-law had already their boarding passes as we got them on the ship. At the airport you have kiosks for the baggage tags. So after minutes she could handed over her bags.

No more baggage with us... great!!!

Our driver told us to use the subway (Metro) to return to Copenhagen Downtown at Kongens Nytorv.

That's around Strøget and Nyhavn. What was not in a true walking distance of the city center we did already by our taxi.

The access to the metro is in Terminal 3:

Although I had Danish lessons: somehow it was unclear what kind tickets we need.

Even changed to English it was not very much helpful.

What is the difference between "tickets" and "cards"? I wanted to have a day-pass but I cannot find them with the one or other. (It's available for all zones in Northern Sealand (so incl. Helsingör to the North...) for 120.00 DKK - but not just for Copenhagen City Limit.)

So we purchased "tickets" for single journeys.

By mistake we purchased tickets only for 2 zones, which cover more or less the City Center of Copenhagen or a journey from the City Center to Nordhavn (Frihavn-Cruise Terminal). (21.00 DKK / July 2009)

But you need 3 zones for a journey to/from the airport. (31.50 DKK / July 2009)

You can purchase four ticket at one time by clicking on "Additional Tickets".

Now let's surprise you...

Do you know any ATM which release change/coins???

I do not - you do not either??? Congratulation... This machine only accepts Danish change/coins...

I did not have 84 DKK in change/coins with me.

Next question: who has asked his bank for the PIN of your credit card???

Some of you: absolutely... but everybody??? Next problem: if you pay by credit card your PIN is requested...

But the machine also accepts our Bank-(maestro)-Card with PIN...

That was also the luck of six Italian tourist who gave me 120 DKK in cash and I bought them the tickets with my bankcard. 6 DKK loss were my luck because I was able to see their smile for my help which was more value than 6 DKK... Hope that they were not caught by ticket inspectors... I bought them 2 instead of 3 zones by mistake...

Every 5 minutes is a nice frequency.

Fully automatically without operator...

For the return journey we remember that there are two lines and we need to catch M2 for airport-bound trains.

After approx. 15 minutes we had to leave the train...

A "/ Exit" would be appropiate for an international place like Copenhagen...

But we did not need to search the exit as there is only one at Kongens Nytorv.

Just in front of the department store Magasin du Nord und opposite of the old Opera-building.

There are two companies operating the canaltours in Copenhagen.

The Tourist Information only doing ad for DFDS. Only on request their office at Langeline-Terminal told us more or LESS voluntary where the other company departs: at Holmen's Church which is same distance from Kongens Nytorv like Nyhavn.

But I did not want to start from Nyhavn and with the other company:

The other company, which is not existing for the Tourist-Office, is Netto-Bådene (

They only take 30 DKK per person (instead of 60 DKK with DFDS).

But they do not accept credit cards and EUR and USD at the non-advantaged rate of exchange. When we wanted to pay in Euro we were asked for DKK to make sure that we get the best price.

That's the boats of the competitors: DFDS Canaltours (

I do not like them in my job so I do not want to deal with them during my vacations either.

Just when our tour should start there was a little rain for few minutes. There is one glass-roof-boat in their fleet but just from Nyhavn. While DFDS has several glass-roof-boats in their fleet we can see how they exchange the boats by and by. But after few minutes it stopped to rain.

Normally you get live comments in English, Danish and German. Because there were also some French onboard we got all comments in French as well. The operator went so slow that there was not matter which language you were listening to: you see all sights with your comments but I was listening more or less all comments four times in the different languages...

The new Opera House was a donation by the shipping company Mærsk. But that was not true. Because our container shipping rates were so high with Mærsk, you should normally tell that I was donating the Opera House...

We went through a former Navy Base which was changed to a Residential area. Here is the former shipyard where the built torpedo boats.

That's the border to the Free State of Christiana. As taking pictures is not allowed and we had anyway no time, we did not visit it.

That looked interesting:

Our guide told us that she would revert on the way back.

And you could get so close to the Royal Yacht DANNEBROG.

So close is the Little Mermaid located to the Langeline-Terminal.

Still crowded. We were so happy that we saw her already this morning.

The guide explained that this was the Royal Tender.

Does it mean that ROYAL CARIBBEAN use them??? Maybe one single reason to book with them again...

And the same place like this morning but from the rearside...

Few yards and after one hour we were back at Holmen's Church.

And we could see on the way for our next transit in Copenhagen: Bus 26 is very practical for cruisers...

So it's easy to get back to the Cruise Terminal.

Unfortunately all famous Smørrebrød-(Danish open face sandwich)-Restaurants are closed on Sunday. It's a typical lunch when you are at work. But in July all good restaurants are closed anyway.

So we went to the tourist-ripp-off Nyhavn. One side facing to Kongens Tytorv with one restaurant next to the other and you see it on the menu card... and the other side facing to the open sea where we got a platter with three Smørrebrøds for less than 100 DKK...

As Bruno's sister and brother-in-law need to return to the airport we did not walk all the way with them to Tivoli. So we went slowly to Kongens Nytorv to get them back on the subway towards the airport.

This would have been the boarding point for Netto...

... and with a glass-roof-boat but watching how many guests were onboard and also to see how many were on DFDS' boat we were more than happy to board the tour at Holmen's Church.

DFDS offers also HoHo-Service. These boats were mostly empty because there are no guides on. A day pass is also 60 DKK.

Somebody told me that should be the most famous Røde Pølser-(Danish Red Hot Dog)-stand, what might be the reason for the long queue.

So we were back where we started our walking and canal tour: in front of the Opera building but just from the square side...

Subject we will get the jack pot in the lottery we would like to stay here at the Hotel de l'Angleterre...

On the left side that's my most favorite department store in Copenhagen: Magasin du Nord. Unfortunately it's only open on the 1st Sunday in a month.

Now it was time to say good-bye to Bruno's Sister and Brother-in-law...

After bid farewell to Bruno's Sister and Brother-in-law we need to have a strong coffee.

It was again Cruise Director JT who made me need caffeine, if possible intravenously. Although I was in my most favorite city: I had to kill my dead spot to enjoy the rest of the day in Copenhagen.

Just for adults and it's a German-Danish-English play of words...

To walk the streets (like hookers) is in German to walk on a stroke (like you testing alcohol consumption by highway patrol).

We are going to walk on the stroke!!! Yes!!!

Like all Danes who are the only people who are walking on a stroke!!!

The main shopping street "Strøget" means stroke. So for us German it's somehow funny to walk on a stroke... and doing shopping... (Definately not what you might thought... Honi soit qui mal y pense!) But the street is not just one street - it's more a collection of single streets:

Some stores were open due to cOPENhagen-open for you-promotion also on Sunday. But most stores are open 1st Sunday in the month only.

While the main building of Illum Department Store was closed the Illum Bolighus (housing and housing accessories) was open. But this is also available at the airport...

As the weather was very nice it was very busy in the streets.

I remember from my childhood that then the court of the Holy Ghost Church was used to have breaks or things like this there...

Our walk trough Strøget terminated at Town Hall Square which I remember very well. We stayed the first time in a hotel close to the airport and took the bus to Town Hall Square.

Like then the sightseeing tours started there. But you did not have open double-decker Ho-Ho-Buses...

Vesterbrogade has not changed so much for the last 30 years.

And Hans Christian Andersen is still sitting there and watch over to Tivoli.

Only the busstation changed. The black building is new to me.

We should have a meeting with a cruise-mate in Vesterbro Bryghaus (House brewery). Although he is local: obviously he never drinks on Sunday otherwise he should know that it's closed on Sunday...

So we just waited next door at Rosie McGee's and enjoyed sun and wind.

Unfortunately due to breakdown of his computer he could find anymore the meeting and my contacts.

So we waited another ten minutes and we decided to say bye-bye to EURODAM and checking the situation at Nordhavn-Train-Station.

Few yards next to this Tivoli-Entrance is Hovedbanegård (Central Station). Correct pronounciation is a true challenge.

Somehow it's important to find the exit towards Banegårdspladsen. But the signpost is not the best...

The best is to find the ticket counters which are well signposted...

Just opposite another first class hotel: at my childhood it was always SAS ROYAL HOTEL but today it's officially the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel.

Right hand at the opposite corner you find the Tourist Information.

On the opposite bridge of the Banegårdspladsen-exit you find the busstop for Route 26:

Daily service to Langeline-Terminal,
but only Monday to Friday there is an alternative route (Færgehavn Nord) which takes you near to Freeport-Terminal.

You can download an actual schedule (Juli 2009) as pdf here:

This time we tried the touch-screen-ticket-machine of the Danish Railways DSB to buy the correct ticket for the airport...

Even you made it to change to English:

Københ. Lufth. Kastrup stands for

Københavns Lufthavn Kastrup which is the airport.

That's very simple to understand...

31.50 DKK... why did we only pay 21.00 DKK from the airport??? Did we make a mistake???

That's great: again no acceptance of bills...

and why chip on credit card... I do not have one!

My credit card was accepted but only with PIN...

... even without chip: we got the tickets.

First let's go to Nordhavn.

All trains start from platform 9 and 10.

We can use all routes but route H.

When our train left the station we could see her:


But with baggage I think it might be too far to walk... I am on vacation...

There is no direct access to the Freeport-side...

But there is an elevator to get to the wrong side of the tracks...

... so left to pass the German food discounter ALDI to buy beverages etc. and then to right of the tracks...

And if you ever arrive by a cruise ship: first shopping at ALDI to have enough change... or ask your bank for the PIN of your credit card...

... and please do not forget:

2 zones for journeys to the city center
3 zones for journeys to the airport

We returned to Nørreport as here should be subway (Metro) and regional trains to the airport available.

The trains leave every 10 minutes and they stop not so often like the metro. Let's take the train.

A bad idea as the narrow stairs were the only access to the platform...

Seemed to be that we just missed one... should we use the subway???

But until we find the other platform the subway would be also gone...

We were in the right train and the advantage to board ahead of Central Station: it's empty and once you arrive at Central Station it was very crowded.

... but we made it finally...

For those of you who has the problem vice versa, i. e. early flight arrival and late sailing:

I would go with a taxi to the port,
drop off my bags (which was possible at 09.00 hrs when we left the ship...),
using the cab for Langelinie (to see the tourist office), Little Mermaid, Amalienborg/Frederikskirk
and asked to be dropped-off at Kongens Nytorv

From here you can do what we did and you see all the way back to Bus 26 which takes back to your cruise terminal on Monday to Friday or the train going to Nyhavn.

Others might want to use the baggage storage at Central Station and continue by taxi to the cruise port:

Here is the public transport from the airport to the Central Station:

and to store your baggage at Central Station:

I hope you can use some of this 2009 information.

Have a great time in Wonderful Copenhagen.


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