Copenhagen, Denmark - Frihavn-Cruise Terminal: Taxi, Internet, Shop, HoHo-Bus

Let's have a look around what you can expect at Frihavn (Freeport)-Cruise Terminal

To buy some souvenirs you do not need to go to the city...

You better should known on board: you have free WiFi which I might have used from my varandah for my picture-transfer to my blog:

Network: cmp_guest
User: cmp_cruise
Password: x-ships2009

Parking in Freeport is available: 15 EUR per day and 80 EUR per week.

But I could not find the map of the parking...

Who is transitting Copenhagen by cruise ship can use the Ho-Ho-Bus offer directly at the port... This one is only for decoration... The real buses came later and it costs 150 DKK per day...

At 06.00 hrs there were only two van-cabs available...

But for the next time I will note that also Taxa 4x35 = (+45 35353535 /, for the worse case that we are more than 3 and we need a van...

We ordered our taxi with Codantaxi ( 09.30 hrs. At 09.29 hrs our driver was waiting for us.

But until 08.30 hrs there were more and more taxis coming...

For 09.30 hrs we booked our taxi. That's why we got new baggage tags for leaving at 09.00 hrs. But as only half of the passengers were debarking in Copenhagen it went very fast. 09.15 hrs would have been enough.

Well managed with two queues: one for limousines for upto 3 passengers and the other for station-wagons and vans for parties of 4 and more:

Have a great day in Copenhagen.


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