Copenhagen, Denmark - Airport-Trains to the City and then to Cruise Terminals at Frihavn (Freeport) or Langelinie (Langeline)

The train station at Copenhagen Airport is located at Terminal 3:

To buy tickets you can queue up for counter (it was long when we were there) or buy at the machine:

It's 3 zones for the city center and the cruise terminals. (31.50 DKK vor adults (voksen)).

Only Danish change/coins or credit cards with PIN!!!

To find the correct cruise terminal check here:

Quay c1xx means Langelinie (Langeline)
Quay c2xx means Frihavn (Freeport)

I think the best is to get first to Central Station (København H (= Hovedbanegård)).

Following reasons:

1. If you are early and you want to do shopping and sightseeing you can store your bags here:

2. You can go on Bus 26 to Langelinie Terminal

3. You can go on MONDAY TO FRIDAY on Bus 26 to Frihavn Terminal

4. You can go on SATURDAY, SUNDAY and PUBLIC HOLIDAYS on the commuter trains to Nordhavn station and walk

Once you arrive at Central Station:

That's how you find Bus 26 and the Tourist Information (if you stay there for sightseeing)

Somehow it's important to find the exit towards Banegårdspladsen. But the signpost is not the best...

The best is to find the ticket counters which are well signposted...

Just opposite another first class hotel: at my childhood it was always SAS ROYAL HOTEL but today it's officially the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel.

Right hand at the opposite corner you find the Tourist Information.

On the opposite bridge of the Banegårdspladsen-exit you find the busstop for Route 26:

Daily service to Langeline-Terminal,
but only Monday to Friday there is an alternative route (Færgehavn Nord) which takes you near to Freeport-Terminal.

You can download an actual schedule (Juli 2009) as pdf here:

And if you need to go to Nordhavn train station you go as follows:

All trains start from platform 9 and 10.

We can use all routes but route H.

When our train left the station we could see her:


But with baggage I think it might be too far to walk... I am on vacation...

There is no direct access to the Freeport-side...

But there is an elevator to get to the wrong side of the tracks...

... so left to pass the German food discounter ALDI to buy beverages etc. and then to right of the tracks...

Maybe this picture makes it easy for you to find around:


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