Wismar, Germany - City Walk

You can click on the pictures to enlarge. So you can easier read the instructions.

Willkommen in Deutschland!
Welcome to Germany!

Subject you drive to Wismar you have to follow "Zentrum" (= City Center)

Do not park on this side as you can only stay for 30 minutes against presentation of a parking indicator which should be in your car. You need to show your next 1/2 hour of arrival on this car on this place. I. e. you 12.40 hrs: then you display 1.00 hrs and you park free until 1.30 hrs.

The tourist office (incl. public restrooms downstairs) and the departure point for sightseeing buses are just there.

For older Germans: they might know the first branch of KARSTADT Department Store.

Volkskammer is the former GDR-Parliament. So you have the occassion to experience true GDR....

Do not laugh: after nine years we met in front of Volkskammer another travel-mate from South Germany we did a China Tour... the world is small...

Opposite you can find in a 2nd-Hand-Store rarieties from the GDR-era.

DT64 is the former youth radio in the GDR who "asked" public questions which other radio stations would not ask in Communist era.

That is the old port (= Alter Hafen).

Das Schnitzelhaus... I think no need to translate...

I think it was a nice tour especially if you dislike to drive too long.

Follow to A 20 Interstate to get back to Rostock or to continue to Lübeck or B 104 Schwerin.


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