Travemünde, Germany - Finding around the Cruise Terminal

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Willkommen in Deutschland!
Welcome to Germany!

Travemünde is part of Lübeck but you still need about 20-30 minutes by train and 45 minutes by bus to get to Lübeck.

Most smaller cruise ships arrives at a very convenient and pleasant place: Ostpreußenkai.

It's part of the promenade so a lot of people will watch you and you can watch the people.

Alongside of the promenade you can find all kind of retailers...

If you want to rent a car you need to walk towards the MARITIM-Hotel-Building (tall building):

Keep left like the car on Außenallee.

You will pass the arosa-spa-resort at the left in the Kurhaus.

Once you reach the casino building in front of you...

... you make a turn to the left to Bertlingstraße...

and straight ahead to the tower of the Lübeck-Travemünde Strand train-station building...

Bertlingstraße will make a right turn...

and continues as Godewind. Keep left until you see...

It's Hertz in Lübeck, Godewind location. There office is in this car sales building.

The Maritim-Hotel-Tower is located near the beach. So if you dislike culture and travelling you can walk towards this direction to have a relaxed day.

Internet-Café is available just twock blocks away from the top of the cruise terminal building.

All you need to do is walking through this street which is between the Commerzbank and Sparkasse Building. Both banks offer ATM service.

It's also the way if you want to get to the public bus or train towards Lübeck (Hamburg/Schwerin)

Before you reach the railways crossing you make a turn to the right and find the bus stop for Lübeck bound buses.

From here 30 and 31 will take you to Lübeck downtown.

From Travemünde to Lübeck a single ride is 2.50 EUR per person and per way.

Day passes are available for singles for 8.20 EUR which does not make too much sense if you just have an outward and a return journey.

Family day passes are available for 2 adults plus 3 children unter 14 yo for 12.60 EUR.

If you are 3 persons and you want to return you can buy a six times multiple-ticket for 13.50 EUR. Six tickets for six rides. For each person and way you must cancel/validate/punch in the machine. So it would be 4.50 EUR outward and return instead of 5.00 EUR...


Monday to Friday:
Bus 30
Bus 31

Bus 30
Bus 31

Sunday and Public Holiday:
Bus 30
Bus 31

The left column is for Monday to Friday, the center for Saturday and the right column for Sunday and public holidays.

If you make a left turn to the railways crossing you get straight to the train station Lübeck-Travemünde Hafen. The station building itself is today a German restaurant...

It's so close that you can see the funnel of your ship from the train:

Although it's a five minutes walk: you have here the options with bus 30/31 and with the train.

One track service: check the direction if you not just want go to the beach "Lübeck-Travemünde Strand". Your direction is "Lübeck Hbf" (= Hauptbahnhof = Central Station).

From June 7 to 22, 2009 and from September 20 to 28, 2009 you better do not count ON SELECTED DAYS with the trains as service is suspended due to maintenance and construction works.

There are buses available but they will start about 20 minutes ahead of train scheduled departure time to keep the connections at Lübeck Hbf.

Check here how the bus run for the train and on which selected day the train service is suspended:

But the best would be to check here before you plan to do a train tour:

The days of non-operation are included in the information you get.

The best would be copy and paste the correct station name of origin:

Lübeck-Travemünde Hafen

The train ride is very nice. A landscape like this:

Another option is to walk forward to the direction your ship came in and you get to the ferry station to catch bus 30/31.

You can start here with the Trave-Express for a sightseeing tour in Travemünde:

You can go from Travemünde to Lübeck by boat but due to schedule it's better to use the boat when you are coming back from Lübeck to Travemünde. The boat trip takes 90 minutes:

Here you can make 1-hour boat tours around Travemünde.

There is only one reason for this Travemünde posting... not to help you cruise-fellows around... that was only my "excuse" to get here to


They have also a branch when walk towards the Maritim-Hotel tower/beach-area

It's not so large as their main store in Lübeck Downtown but you can get everything and upstairs is a nice place to have a cup of coffee and some cake, breakfast or lunch.

Also a nice court to sit outside but not facing the waterfront. But you can also sit in front of the shop.

Major information are also in English on their menu.

But you never order cake from the menu.

Order your cake always from the glass desk and you get a ticket which you show to your waiter.

I love to be served the traditional way. Where do you still get so much china for just one breakfast and a little stove to keep your tea hot.

For those who need their cigarettes during having a beer:

R stands for Smoking Pub

and below it's a Biergarten = beer garden = open air restaurant like in the train station building

Check if you get duck on your menu after you left Travemünde.

Monday and Thursday are market days. The market is in the direction opposite of the open sea.

Fresh aspargous...

There is a "cat walk" (officially private way...) but if you do not mind to use the ways alongside of the gardens you can get to the train station as well...

For those who rented a car... I was happy that I bought a ticket for parking... all others around had tickets for not paying...

SUBJECT you went to Lübeck:

... and you like to return by train:

This stands for the final destination Lübeck-Travemünde Strand.

... and you like to return by bus: that's the station you need to board at Central Station - Bus stop 19.

The schedules

Monday to Friday:
Bus 30
Bus 31

Bus 30
Bus 31

Sunday and Public Holiday:
Bus 30
Bus 31

Bus 31 is going only during certain hours to Travemünde
Bus 40 is also going to Travemünde but to the beach train station which is about 15 minutes walk

All buses also stop at Holstentor.

and you get off Kurgartenstraße which is on the half way to the bus stop you get on this morning for your Lübeck bus.

Check this list:

Skai means Skandivanienkai which is the ferry terminal for the Baltic Sea Car Ferries.

But that's only for the larger ships. So they pass the Ostseekai...

From here the busses to Lübeck starts.

That's the Hafenhaus (Port House) which is also the Terminal for pedestrians for Skandinavienkai.

There is a train line next to the Terminal building...

... but I cannot find the access to the train station because there is none for pedestrian from the Terminal Building:

You need to take the bus to get from the Terminal to the Train Station. So you better do not choose this option.

Hope that you now have no problems to find around once you arrive in Travemünde.


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