Travemünde, Germany - Buying Tickets for Lübeck

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Willkommen in Deutschland!
Welcome to Germany!

You can the tickets with the bus driver if you go by bus to Lübeck (and onward) but if you take the train you need to buy it at the vending machine.

Sorry for reflexions.

First touch the screen to activate and then touch the flags at the bottom to change the language.

After you touched the Union Jack for English and then the yellow area for local and state wide tickets.

For tickets to Lübeck touch "Fahrkarten TG Lübeck"

Then you select:

"Einzelkarten" = Single rides
"Mehrfartenkarten" = Discounted single rides - you must cancel/validate/punch/stamp each time you start your ride and each person.
"Tageskarten" = Day Passes

Then you select your destination which is "Lübeck Innenstadt Zone 6000" for Lübeck Downtown.

If you have selected before a single ticket and you want just one ticket: you insert now 2.50 EUR.

If you want more than the one single ticket you touch "+ another ticket"

... you make again your selection for the second ticket from the beginning... until you are finished and the total price is displayed.

Subject you like to be most flexible and have also rides within Lübeck it make sense to buy a day pass:

So you press "Tageskarte" and again "Lübeck Innenstadt Zone 6000"...

and then "All Day Pass Adult" which is 8.20 EUR or you choose a Familientageskarte = Family Day Pass which is valid for 2 adults plus 3 children (6-14 yo).

A last option would be the multiple ride tickets = 6 single tickets at 13.50 EUR instead of 15.00 EUR. It would be good for 3 to have a ride to Lübeck and back.

The multiple tickets must be cancelled/validated/punched/stamped for each person and each ride (only first mean of transport - if you transfer you do not need to stamp again).


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