Schwerin, Germany - BUGA 2009 (Bundesgartenschau = National Garden Festival)

Willkommen in Deutschland!
Welcome to Germany!

BUGA stands for Bundesgartenschau which means Federal Garden Show or beter National Garden Festival.

It's held every two years but in the last 24 years it was mostly hold in East German towns as they used the chance to improve their infrastructures: since reunion: 4 in West and 5 in East...

Personally I visited before the festivals in Bonn and Berlin. After the events you can still visit the great parks (also in Rostock or Potsdam).

First you will find the access for those who travel by car:

you can easier combine it with others by car - especially the scenic route back to Warnemünde via Wismar or you can go to Lübeck as additional place.

Some impressions from the scenic route, Lübeck and Wismar:
(at this time I should apology that some postings are still without comments... but they will follow):



The scenic route back from Wismar to Warnemünde (will take 2 1/2 - 3 hours just driving...):

And some restaurant tipps and to see other than BUGA in Schwerin see here:

The signpost to BUGA once you arrive AROUND Schwerin is very good. You will find already from the interstate A 20 Rostock - Wismar - Schwerin to get you to Schwerin.

Check this blog posting as well:

Once you arrived in Schwerin:

DO NOT FOLLOW the signposts for the car parking.

You should only do it:

weekend day
later arrival than 10-11 hrs
good weather

You will be taken to Park and Ride parkings where you need to be shuttled to the park ground.

OTHERWISE stay towards "Zentrum" for City Center.

You will approach slowly to town...

I wanted to park around the Central Station because I wanted to check out the situation for those who are travelling by train to Schwerin. That's why I was taken in front of the castle which is also a side entrance to the park.

The signpost you need to know:

"Zentrum" = City Center
"Schloß" or "Schloss2 = Castle (= BUGA)

"Parkleitsystem-Zentrum" = Parking guide for Central Schwerin

A good place to park is "Schlosspark-Center" (see also walking guide)
and not on this signpost "Parken am Schloss" which takes you to all parkings close to BUGA entrances.

For those who are travelling by train should read these blog postings before:

You can use the stations

Schwerin Hbf (= Hauptbahnhof = Central Station) for all trains
Schwerin Mitte (= Central) - but this station not for InterCity Long Distance Trains!
The walking guide show you the way from Schwerin Mitte to downtown area.

Two important things you should know:

you Länderticket Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Day Pass) is NOT valid on trams/buses in Schwerin and against presentation at the ticket booth you get 1.00 EUR discounted tickets for BUGA 2009.

Get downstairs to Ausgang (= Exit).

Use the exit to Grunthalplatz and Stadtzentrum.

Once you arrives this square in front of you -

for those who like to walk from Central Station: get to this corner to the right side and go downhills to the take. Get to the right end of the lake and you access the shopping streets in the pedestrian zone.

All others first need to have cash (change) and buy a ticket for 1.5o EUR each way. You cannot buy in cash tickets in the tram:

On the left side there is "Fahrausweise eine Zone" (= Tickets one zone) which apply to rides to BUGA main entrance.

Touch "Einzelfahrschein" (= single tickets): per ride one ticket but I would do one ride only (subject it rains) and walk to or back from the BUGA ground to see a little bit of Schwerin...

It's 1.50 EUR (no credit cards accepted - only German bank cards).

If you just need one you just pay.

If you need more: touch on "weitere Fahrscheine" (= further tickets)

and you add the tickets you need... step by step again...

... and pay the total price like here for 2: 3.00 EUR.

As you can see: no bills - only coins.

You need to take Tram 1 which take you to the right direction if your back is towards the station building.

The tram goes every 15 minutes and during the opening hours of BUGA it stops additionally at the main entrance.

"1 Hegelstraße" is the correct direction and "BUGA-Haupteingang" means BUGA Main Entrance. It's the 4th stop which is called "Am Schlossgarten".

It's very important: stamp/cancel/validate/punch your ticket in the orange box in the tram once you get in the tram car.

If you sit left you will have your first view to the castle already.

Now you should get off.

Very important: trams in both directions starts from the same platform.

So check carefully that you get the right one.

In the left grey column: Monday to Friday
In the center green column: Saturday
In the right red column: Sunday and Public Holidays

Your tram back to Central Station shows "Kliniken Hauptbahnhof".

So you had already your first impressions what you can expect.

At the ticket booth:

"Tageskarten" means day passes which are 16.00 EUR
(against presentation of certain train tickets 1.00 EUR discount)

So do not queue up for lines for "Dauerkarten" which means "Seasonal Tickets": each sale will take 5 minutes. When I came in the late evening there was only one line for both in the late afternoon.

But when your ship leaves late and you are there by car and can return at anytime:

After 18.00 hrs you can get evening tickets for 10.00 EUR only and stay until sunset when the park closes.

You get here at the main entrance a complete infrastructure:

free-of-charge wheelchairs (motorized and manual) and strollers for children
rikchas (against fee)
tourist information

On other entrances which might be much more calmer you do not have this infrastructure if you need!!!

The Main Entrance is the triangle square showing into the ground in the SouthWest. North is the castle (incl. side entrance) and the most Northern part is connected by bridge and ferry and the exit is great to get to the cathedrale and back to central station later. Schwerin is a small town and you cannot too much wrong.

I had only the chance to discover 2 of 7 gardens...

It's also well prepared that children have their fun.

In the park there are various food venues.

For bad weather you will also find indoor flower halls.

Nice weather and the beach will invite you to stay and relax.

I was nicely surprised of the prices:

1.80 EUR for a grilled sausage
3.00 EUR for a pork steak

which is really street level...

The best: it takes you 20 years back to GDR-feeling as the sausage is still East German style.

You will not get any forks and knifes: Just eat it like here:

A small beer is just 2.00 EUR.

A bottle (0.5 l) = 2.50 EUR + "Pfand" (= deposit) of 15 Cent
coffee: 1.50 EUR

really street level price. Normally: once you between the "barrs" of such a ground everything is overpriced.

For mobility reduced: you can use the ferry instead of the stairs.

If you want leave (for lunch) and plan to reenter: Show your tickets at the exit and ask for a stamp.

Have a great time in Schwerin.

I am sure you will love it.



  1. thank you for your sharing, so which 2 gardens you've covered?

    danke ^.^

  2. I had the occassion to see

    The Garden of the 21st century
    (between Main Entrance and Castle)

    The Garden of the Banks (Ufergarten)
    (between Castle and Bridge)

    Kitchen's Garden
    Nature's Garden

    I had not seen anything

    The other I saw in "transit".

    I liked it very much.



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