Lübeck, Germany - Walking, Parking and Ship Tour Guide

You can click on the pictures to enlarge. So you can easier read the instructions.

Willkommen in Deutschland!
Welcome to Germany!

Once you arrive at Lübeck Hbf (= Hauptbahnhof = Central Station) you need to walk upstairs.

Upstairs you find shops and the big board you need to find your track when you get home.

You need to exit to Stadtmitte (= City Center)

All over the cities you find the maps so you can easily find around.

If you walk out of the station and you keep left you find the Tourist Office in this building upstairs.

Another office next to Holstentor is open longer.

If you dislike later to walk this street uphill you better should take the bus:

Find this "hole" in the opposite building to "ZOB" (= Zentraler Omnibus Bahnhof = Central Bus Terminal).

Make a look back that you find the hole when you return...

To Kohlmarkt you can buy "Kurzstreckenkarte" (= Short Track Ticket) = 1.50 EUR and leave with all buses from

Busstop 2 and 3

Busstop 4 except Bus Route 15 and Busstop 5

Busstop 6.

As told: tell the driver: "Kohlmarkt bitte" and show him with your fingers how many tickets you need.

For those who walk: the street left opposite of the station.

And finally for whose who travels by car: from interstate "Lübeck-Zentrum" and "Zentrum".

If you feel uncomfortable to use the rotary/roundabout: make a right turn to park there.

You enter behind the truck to the right.

Not too expensive...

Who is willing to drive around the rotary/roundabout: follow to Parking in "Altstadt" (= Old Town)

It was 5.00 hrs when I took the pictures... that is why it is so calm...

If you miss to turn out of the rotary with "Zentrum": one more round about...

My suggestion: "Am Holstentor"

Right turn now and by the way: left behind the bus you see Holstentor and opposite at the corner it is the Main Tourist Office.

Keep left for parking garage.

Max. day 5.50 EUR

You can walk further to the waterside.

... just beautiful.

Your options to make a river/canal cruise:




From here you can also doing Sightseeing tours (no HoHo):


Continue along side of the river Trave.

You can cross the bridge to find the main boarding piers of the river cruises but who is watching opposite???

These are the foreigners who are watching Lübeck from the roof of the theater.

At this point you can also go to Travemünde by boat (return to your ship or for a nice excursion):


There are discounted combined tickets available: ship and bus


I think it is a good occassion to go on the day to Lübeck and return at 14.00 hrs by boat and be back in Travemünde 15.30 hrs.

And if you need to return to Warnemünde or continue for Schwerin, Wismar or Rostock...

This means that the front part of your train is going for Bad Kleinen only.

So check the signpost at the train car before you enter.

"Zug fährt in 2 Teilen" means "train operates in two parts"

"hinten: Lüneburg" means "rear part for Lüneburg" (which is a beautiful city but might not help when you need to return to Warnemünde...)

Hope you have a great day in Lübeck.


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