Le Havre, France - Private Tour (Car-Rental): Giverny-Rouen-Honfleur

We called by NORWEGIAN JADE Le Havre from 11.00 hrs to 21.00 hrs.

If you have not booked any tours you can do it there spontaneously. But if you have special language requests you better should do it in advance.


Ifrastructure looks great.

The location of


is in this building and it was very uncomplicated. We could return the car until 20.00 hrs. In the morning they were available right on time.

As the car rental company does not offer a premium to waive or deduct the excess fee in case of an accident, I recommend to have a seperate insurance for about 2 USD per day:


Rates are o.k. as otherwise you must calculate an additional walk of 20 minutes or a taxi:


You should check your insurance coverage as you cannot pay an additional premium to lower your part. Our cruise mate has a credit card which lower your own part to 300 EUR so we used his credit card.

This was our car: a German Mercedes-Benz for a German customer... not very ususual in France...

For those who did not want to go too far away: The City of Le Havre arranged six shuttle buses which provided a complimentary service to the city center.

The ride to Giverny takes about 2 hours incl. toll stations stops.

Thursday was Ascension Day in most European countries. So the advantage of one day off and four days on ship was also our disadvantage: Most European had the same idea to take a day-off on Friday.

Someone from the tourist office assured: normally it takes minutes to get into Monet's Garden...

but today the queue is about 1 1/2 hours to wait...

Happy for those who booked the ship's tour for 189 USD and got in without trouble...

But we are in June 2010 again in Le Havre...

So just a break for restrooms. Coffee was not possible: queue was not 90 minutes but 45 minutes...

But it was nice anyway. There are some gardens around the museum without any charge. In the museum there was an exhibition of Monets Garden. But to see an exhibition of Monets Garden in a museum and the garden is just opposite???

We will come again when we are sure that all French are on work...

Bruno kept his highlight of the day on this little video - you need to turn on the volume...

Although we had no chance to see the inside of Monet's Garden it was lovely outside as well:

So we drove back to Rouen which was also very nice.

Those of us who was not so much interested went for a great cup of coffee and some cake...


The others preferred to "eat" culture...

Due to data protection: we were five in the coffee and chocolate store... but you will not get the information who took what...

But who can say "no" with this offer...

The housemade "three coloured" ice-cream was discovered after our stay...

But to make sure that we got some culture as well some minutes we stayed in the Cathedrale:

As we are still on time we can afford to make a little round to Honfleur as well. We came to right time: when enter Honfleur: outbound traffic was congested. But they all disappeared when we left Honfleur:

We returned the car with full gas... It was a great day. You do not need to prepare yourself very much. The car rental company has prepared everything for you. Great service.

Looking forward to book them again in June 2010.

Salut du Havre!



  1. Very useful info. I've been trying to figure out what to do in Le Havre. We thought the 2-hr train to Paris was time-consuming. You gave me an idea where to go instead.

  2. Thanks for posting! Danke fuer die Informationen. :)

  3. Really love the city and all the people we met, was an incredible trip and enjoyed so much with the experience


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