Kiel, Germany - Transfers from Cruise Terminal to Central Station and back

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Willkommen in Deutschland!
Welcome to Germany!

or see how German Railways welcomes you:

Subject you are arriving with MSC or COSTA you are lucky:

MSC provide a free-of-charge-transfer to Central Station
COSTA against fee.

But a cab is just about 5 EUR to Central Station.

So you face the direction to the city, i. e. the direction when your ship enters the Kiel Fjord to get to the cruise terminal and you see this parking and opposite the building of NDR (German Radio and Television).

That's on your side it's the arriving bus stop SEEGARTEN/OSTSEEKAI when you return to your ship.

Your bus stop to the train station is on the other side under the bridge.

From this bus stop you can see the cruise terminal behind the trees...

All buses 41, 42 are going to the Central Station (Hbf = Hauptbahnhof).

You can buy with your drivers:

Kiel Tickets
but also tickets
Lübeck and Hamburg (incl. day passes)

Small tricks you need to know:

The validity of day passes on weekdays starts at 09.00 hrs.

Depending at which time you are leaving for Lübeck or Hamburg
you need to buy single tickets to a destination which can be reached before 09.00 hrs
and then buy a group-day-pass (valid for 5 persons) for the rest of the day.

But you need cash:

if you have not crossed the street over the bridge...

you find next block an ATM (= Geldautomat) in this building.

Once you see the station building you get off...

If you follow the direction of the bus you will find an Internet-Café round the next corner right (opposite of train station building).

Inside you find the departure board. So you can easily find the next train to Lübeck would leave from platform 2.

Once you are back:

you need to catch your ship's shuttle with MSC/COSTA:

Check for Ausgang (= Exit) and Fernbus (= Long Distance Coaches)

Opposite there is a garage building.

Here you see the MSC/COSTA Shuttles start at the side.

By the way: the Kielius (= Hamburg Airport Service)

Only interesting for embarking passengers of MSC/COSTA:

Have a look here: they arrrange direct baggage transfer to your ship against fee.

But if you want to use the public bus back to the cruise terminal:

exit to Sophienblatt and Stadtbus (= City bus)

Make a turn to the left and B3 stop. Any 41, 42 from here take you back to the cruise ship terminal.

As you see: the stop is a little more distanced from the entrance to the train station.

Have a great trip in Kiel.


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  1. Thank you very much, HeinBloed. We have always enjoyed our visits to Germany, and find the citizens very kind and helpful. We are looking forward to arriving in Kiel in May, and appreciate your tips.


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