Kiel, Germany - City Walk from Cruise Terminal and back

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Willkommen in Deutschland!
Welcome to Germany!

Kiel is a mid-size German town. No real attraction like Berlin and it's Brandenburg Gate or Munich and it's Frauenkirche or Cologne and it's Cathedrale.

To quote a German actor who raised up in Kiel: It's a nice place to live...

and to be completed by me: but no true reason to come from other parts of the world.

It's a port place for excursions to Hamburg, Lübeck and the beautiful landscape around.

So if you feel the need to discover the city: you can do it on the way to the train station by walking and you will not regret it.

Once you enter Kiel the first thing you will see is the shipyard...

Once you are getting out you follow the fjord towards downtown and cross the street on the bridge.

"Zentrum, Markt" stands for City Centre and Market Square

It's easy to find your way around:

"Alter Markt" = Old Market
"H" = bus stops
"Karstadt" = Department store in the Shopping Mall building Sophienhof opposite of Central Station
"Schifffahrtsmuseum" = Maritime Museum which is next to cruise terminal if you need to find your way back.

But let's make first a turn to the right to see what is left from the castle... not very much...

Then you make a turn to the left to get to downtown.

Opera building and town hall...

I followed the MERIAN - same popularity like Rick Stevens in the US.

The pedestrian zone of Holstenstraße was not as attractive as other shopping zones in other German cities.

The Holstenstraße moved into the Karstadt Department Store so you can cross this building. But when it's closed you need to keep outside of the building.

So opposite it's the Central Station and you can see the waterfront again and maybe walk back here...

Sorry, but there is not so much to see than in other cities...


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