Kiel, Germany - City Tour by bus

You can click on the pictures to enlarge. So you can easier read the instructions.

Willkommen in Deutschland!
Welcome to Germany!

As we were a group of eleven we need a "larger" vehicle to do a sightseeing tour incl. delivery at the train station.

Vineta are offering taxis, mini-busses, midi-busses, and large busses

We thought that this should be our driver and our car... but it was not...

But so we learned that they also have cars which can accomodate wheelchairs.

But this was our car and driver. Typical taxi-guide... just take you from one point to the next and you need to book a seperate guide who tells you something about the town. I was wondering that I need to pay only 100 EUR for the two hours...

That's the Kiel-Kanal around the Holtenau lock...

This was the highlight of the tour: my fish roll...

A famous German actor who was born in Kiel said: "Kiel is a nice town to live..."

and I would like to add: it's no tourist attraction if it is not Kiel Week - and then you to be yachting enthusiastic to enjoy the event.

Further pictures from downtown can be found here:

Sorry to hurt all Kiel-citizens... but I would not come over the ocean to spend a day in Kiel...


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