Hamburg, Germany - City Walk from Cruise Terminal and Back

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Willkommen in Deutschland!
Welcome to Germany!

Few ships also berth in Hamburg. The majority of the ships will berth at Hamburg Cruise Center which is located great to walk around.

Everytime I arrived by ship in Hamburg something changed there around as they set up new buildings and the subway.

So that's the actual picture from May 2009.

Once you left the ship you should walk over to the black SAP Building.

... and make a turn behind the SAP-Building to the right.

You can have here a view to your ship from this tower.

Under the tower you find the first bi-lingual signposts to the city center. Follow to "Rathaus/Town Hall". When you want return then follow FIRST to "HafenCity/Speicherstadt" and then once you arrived in this district you will also find signs taking you back to "Hamburg Cruise Center".

At the bus stop in front of the SAP-Building you can also board to HoHo-Busses:

The same developement like in many other port cities: former docklands become housings and offices.

Next to the bakery "Dat Backhus" (North German slang for Das Backhaus = The Baking House) is the Hamburger Sparkasse Bank with an international ATM in their lobby.

You can get here an acoustic impression what you should expect from the River Elbe Philharmony which is under construction in a former warehouse.

Use the pedestrian bridge in the center of the street.

Even new buildings like the parking garage were kept in the style of the buildings around.

It's a nice walk through the old warehouse district "Speicherstadt". A lot of spice and carpet dealers but also attractions like

International Maritime Museum

Miniature Wonderland

Hamburg Dungeon

are now in the "Speicherstadt".

Beside walking: the best way to discover is doing a canal and port cruise.

Jungfernstieg/Binnenalster is the "noble" shopping street in the front of the "river" Alster which is more like a lake.

Some impressions from this area can be found here:

and Mönckebergstraße is THE shopping street in Hamburg.

Do not worry: although construction site ahead: you are on the correct way!!!

Hamburg should have more bridges than Venice, Italy.

So a canal cruise through the "Fleet" canals which connects the rivers Alster and Elbe is like a river cruise in Chicago.


They start from Jungfernstieg.

That's the way you need to look for...

... and you need to pass this parking...

... and arrives here at Rathausplatz = Town Hall Square.

My group was waiting here for me so we did not continue to the shopping districts at Jungfernstieg and Mönckebergstraße as it was public holiday and all shop closed.

So do not worry: you will not get lost.

We continued towards "Börse" (Stock Exchange) as we wanted to get to Landungsbrücken (Landing Stages).

Between you see one attraction of Hamburg: the "Michel" (or official St. Michaelis-Kirche = St. Michaels Cathedrale)

A good way to get from Town Hall to Landing Stage is the use of the subway (U3 towards Barmbek via Landungsbrücken - in near future the route will be like the number 6 or 9... to avoid that you are sitting in the wrong loop it's important to get the one via Landungsbrücken). And you'll have from above the best moving balcony on rails...

But we walked and make a right turn in the Portugues district...

having Portuguese food...

... and then going slowly back to the Landing Stages which are only one block apart.

From here you can do port and canal cruises:

Ask before you buy tickets if English explainations are available -
even you speak some words German - they do the explainations in Hamburg Sailor slang - so you will have problems to understand it - even people from South Germany feel uncomfortable to listen the them as they will not understand everything:


Rainer Abicht


We kept the way along side of the water because it was nicer than the direct way through the office district. So we can see on the left side the historical Deichstraße.

When you turn to the upper level of a two-level-bridge you get directly back to the Cruise Terminal.

Hope you liked the short walk through Hamburg.


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