Barcelona, Spain - Airport Transfer - HoHo-Bus - Port Cruise

Back in Barcelona from the NAVIGATOR OF THE SEAS around 07.00 hrs.

The first busses to the airport already started.

For the next time I know now: there are handicapped taxis available which I was looking for my last cruise out of Barcelona.

And obviously I should have also ask my hotel where I stayed for pre-cruise. I never had the idea that my airport hotel would offer a port transfer.

We booked our cabs for 07.30 hrs in advance:

They came at 07.32 hrs and we made it to the airport until 08.00 hrs. I am quite happy to save the time to queue up at the cruise terminal.

Unfortunatly Francisco forgot to tell their drivers that we negotiated per car 30.00 EUR. So they charged as metered around 40.00 EUR (van + bags + pre-order + port + airport-surcharges).

Later the day I called him and he apologied and promised the refund of 20.00 EUR on my account.

Our Lufthansa-Flight was 18.55 hrs - so we drop-off our bags and our parents (for earlier flights (09.35 hrs and 10.55 hrs) and send them through security check while we store our hand baggage in the lockers:

From June 17, 2009: the information apply to TERMINAL 2 (Baggage Storage and Commuter Train Access).

The new TERMINAL 1 is connected by bus-shuttle to TERMINAL 2.

We saw the citybound traffic congestion and so we decided to use the train back to Barcelona instead of any surface traffic by taxi or bus.

For 5.80 EUR we bought a T-Dia-Day-Pass for one zone which includes the airport.

So we can also move within Barcelona by subway and bus.

Since January 31, 2009 the routes has changed.

So far there was route 10 for Francia station which was great to get to the port and to the Gothic District.

Now it's Route 2 NORTH. Route 2 North is one of totally 3 routes: 2, 2 North and 2 South. Route 10 was a dedicated airport train but route 2 is part of the daily rush-hour traffic in Barcelona. In Francia you was able to get to/from the train without stairs. It was only minutes away by bus to the Columbus Column where the port bus starts. So no stairs on all the way to the airport. But now only Sants (Central Station) and Passeig de Garcia (close to Placa de Catalunya) left for tourist purposes.

You need to take the subway from Sants to Drassenes to catch the port bus which means... stairs...

All transfer options are displayed in the train. L3 is the one which takes you to Drassenes for the port bus.

But we went first to the tourist office and that was our biggest mistake..

We normally dislike Ho-Ho-Tours but from Sants it make sense. So we exit to Placa Joan Peiró:

... and to the right opposite of the street you see already the double deckers of TMB...

At the stop we found out that there is a second company running a Ho-Ho-Service and while we wait for the displayed 5-10-minutes interval of our busses, three other busses from the other company passed us... grrr...

Subject you want to get to the port from Station Sants... you need to queue up for a cab...

We were interested to get upstairs. But somehow we found only one closed entrance under construction facing La Rambla. Later we found the second access which faced the water front. Next time.

Our very first accomodation in Barcelona Hostal BCN Port: Now everything is renovated and you have again a non-obstructed view to the cruise ship at World Trace Center berthes.

So went to WTC to use the ropecar. But it started at 11.00 hrs with operation so we got first a cup of coffee in the WTC and discovered for the next time a store for cruisers: Internet etc.

And AVIS is available here...

Last time the station Jaume at WTC was closed. Today we cannot get out on the terrasse because we moved to the wrong direction. Only arriving guests may go out. Departing guests need to enter the next car.

This time San Sebastian was closed so we went to Miramar and enjoyed the gardens and the nice view. As we have been there everytime we was in Barcelona... again and again worth to see.

We waited nearly 20 minutes for our NEXT bus while the bus driver of the competitor waved us when they passed us...

And due to technical problems we had to change to a another bus at WTC... but it took so long that three busses of the same company passed us.

As we missed our port cruise we changed again our schedule. Although it's very early for lunch (for Spain...) we went again to Mare Maritim shopping mall but we did not see again the terrible tourist restaurant last time but a nice coffee bar with yummy sandwiches.

Then we went on our port cruise... but only to take pictures of our ship

Due to coupon booklet which we got with our Ho-Ho-Bus-tickets we got a small discount.

It's really a nice occassion if you want pictures of your own cruise ship.

We are totally jeauleous on all successors on our cruise ship who took the bus to get to our ship...

Due to snow we did not make it in January to Park Guell when we were there by MSC FANTASIA. So we need to change from the blue line to the red line at Placa de Catalunya.

As we were hungry again we went to the departement store El Corte Inglés. The builing is ugly but it's worth to visit the 9th floor to have a meal there. Nothing special: reminds more to a German Autobahn fuel and restaurant stop from the early 70s...

... but the view from here is compensation for the food and the energy spend to get to the 9th floor.

30 seconds ago a A1-airport bus departed... the queue are those who need to wait for the next and were unable to go... What are passengers doing if they do not board on the very first station at Placa de Catalunya - any chance to go with???

We suspended our at Segrada Family as we want to be back at the airport right on time. So we see everything from outside. For 30 minutes the admission fee was too high. It's better to "torture" the Spanair-Lounge-crew a little instead...

We decided not to enter the train from the city center so we took subway route L2 toward Pep Ventura...

... and get off Clot to the airport connector...

It was a good idea to board the train before it reached the city center...

Look how many left the train... so we had our seats...

It was nice again in Barcelona.

Hasta luego!



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