Oranienburg, Germany (Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp)

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Willkommen in Deutschland!
Welcome to Germany!

There were some requests to see the former concentration camp of the Nazis in Sachensenhausen.

I never been there before as I was a couple of year before in Thérezin in Czech Republic and so I took the chance after your requests to see it.

Sachsenhausen is today part of the City of Oranienburg and you can get there from Warnemünde easily by car or by train. It's only about 2 3/4 hours apart from Warnemünde.

The only problem: the last mile from the station to the memorial:

the bus operates only every hour and does not fit very well for the trains from and to Rostock (Warnemünde).

So if you do not mind to walk about 20-25 minutes you'll have an interesting and impressive shore excursion.

I took the train from Berlin and I had the chance to see the former death of strip...

Once you arrive in Oranienburg you can also take the litte red train to Sachsenhausen (Nordb) - but it will not be much easier to walk from there...

Follow to "Ausgang" (= Exit)

Lockers are avaialble for temporary stowage...

Exit to the busses.

On the left side you have the taxi stand. For the worst case you should write down somewhere the phone numbers of the taxi companies to order one if you get under time pressure.

The way is well described here on the public maps which are available all over the town. If time left: the orange way is a short walk to see the City of Oranienburg. I have not done it - so not idea if it worth or not...

The brown signs in the right column to "Gedenkstätte" (= Memorial) will take you to this place if you walk.

And if you are as lazy as me: the bus 804 will take you from the opposite bus stop but also first to the opposite direction of the memorial. So do not wonder...

You need to pay the driver 1.10 EUR for the transfer to Sachsenhausen.

Your day passes for Brandenburg-Berlin are not valid in Oranienburg for public transport - only in Berlin.

Get off at "Gedenkstätte"

The pictures can speak for themselves so I did not comment them. The admission is free.

Subject you have victims where you would like to see their mass graveyards follow this signpost for about 1 mile.

Back again by bus to Oranienburg station.

But I returned to Berlin by commuter train (S-Bahn) which goes every 20 minutes from Oranienburg.

I prefered to go by Regional Express but the schedule did not fit to the schedule of the bus either...

The good think is you reach without transfer:

Nordbahnhof = for Berlin Wall Memorial
Oranienburger Straße = for Jewish Quarter
Friedrichstraße = for transfers and Reichstag
Unter den Linden = for Holocaus-Memorial, Brandenburg Gate and Reichstag
Potsdamer Platz = for Potsdamer Platz

Without being without respect to the victims of Sachsenhausen but let's get here something for train fans...

Above the display yesterday's standard... (today you have LED...)

and below... 1920's standard...

just turn the light on to illuminate the right destination... very simple and smart...


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