Berlin, Germany - Parking at the City Limits (Tegel - Hallen am Borsigturm)

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Willkommen in Deutschland!
Welcome to Germany!

Monday to Friday during the rush-hour it could be hard for a foreigner to drive in Berlin.

That's why I would recommend to park outside the city center close to the "Autobahn" (interstate) Rostock-bound and use the subway in few minutes to get to downtown.

Check here to get from Warnemünde to the interstate:

Once you arrived

via A 20 - A 19 - A 24

the Berlin outer ring (A 10) you will have the problem that the ring use in both directions No. 10.

You need to go clockwise, i. e. the inner ring towards A 10 Berlin.

Once you reach the junction No. 31 (Autobahnkreuz Oranienburg)

you change to the Berlin-bound A 115.

Get off at exit No. 5 HOLZHAUSER STRASSE

Once you arrived downwards you make a turn to the right.

The green arrow means: you can stop and check the other traffic. If everything is clear you may go even it's red signal for you. I think that you are familiar with this rule if you are from the US.

You see Mercedes-Benz at the right and you stay right and turn to the right behind the bridge to the parking garages in Berliner Straße.

Make the right turn as already told and you see for your way back: "Hamburg" is the direction you need to go.

"Hallen am Borsigturm" is the place you should go.

Here you see already the subway stop for your downtown-bound ride.

But you stay left to make a left turn.

You pass already the exit out of the shopping mall to get to the subway.

If you watch straight forward: there are hanging signposts for the parking garage where you need to turn right.

When you arrived at the lobby with all the elevators to the different deck you find here also a map of this area. A white "U" in a blue square stands for the subway (= U-Bahn).

After you entered the mall from the parking garage side you would have the first occassion to make acquaintance with a Berlin-food-speciality: Currywurst.

Keep on the right side of the bakery Kamps.

... and once you arrived at the next main junction you make a turn to the right.

Right of McDonald's there is the exit.

You keep to the left but on the right side of the street and follow the sign for U-Bahn (Subway)

Your direction is Alt-Mariendorf.

Check here to learn how to buy a ticket:

U6 goes every 5 minutes and in 15-25 minutes you are downtown:

Zinnowitzer Straße for Berlin Wall Memorial
Oranienburger Tor for Jewish Quarter
Friedrichstraße for Museums Island, Unter den Linden, Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, change to commuter trains (S-Bahn)
Französische Straße for Department Store Galaries Lafayette, Gendarmenmarkt, French and German Cathedrale, Concert Hall, Holocaust Memorial
Stadtmitte for Potsdamer Platz, change to subway
Kochstraße for Checkpoint Charlie, Jewish Museum

When you return you need to go towards "Alt-Tegel" and if a little is left and you are hungry get off at Holzhauser Straße.

Go downstairs and then turn left...

Cross the street in the direction of the subway line...

Here you get true German snacks from a Berlin butcher who offered snacks here:

If you are now full, stuffed, lazy and your feet hurt: The bus 133 in front of the snack bar takes you back to the parking garage.

And who was no hungry or in hurry to get back to your ship: get off Borsigwerke and exit to "Am Borsigturm"

Before you pay at the machine: Last chance to buy some beverages, snacks for your way home or to see the restrooms.

The highest rate you can pay for one day is 10.00 EUR.

I hope you had a great day in Berlin, a safe trip back to your ship and will not miss it...



  1. Great information but a lot of the pictures do not show up.

    1. Sorry about that - unfortunately the photo-hoster move the storage location from time to time without pre-notice. After a few days they move back. If you change the links manually you need to do it again and again. I am really sorry but there is nothing fotki would like to do. Therefore for the new blogs the pictures were moved to another host-service.


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