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Willkommen in Deutschland!
Welcome to Germany!

The last city tour I made in Berlin was 1993 just before I left the town...

I thought it was a good occassion to see the things I never had a chance to see in eight years in Berlin.

Since I am living just 1 1/4 by high-speed-train from Berlin it's nice to go there, having the stress of a big city and return...

I though that I should test what I recommend and as I was trainee with BVG (Berlin Transport Company) while I was at Business School I am still loyal to them.

Although others go every 15 minutes I prefer the Berlin Insider Top Tour because they have the newest busses and sell their old buses to the others...

Where a public bus stops and you find this: normally the sightseeing bus schould stop there as well.

But I learned: the City Government of Berlin does not allow private companies offering private sightseeing tours to set up their bus stops.

So you need to get a feeling where the bus stops and what to do.

I thought that this bus stops here and I did the right thing: I waved so the driver let me in...

just to see that he is making a left turn... to make a photo-stop for Checkpoint Charlie.

So it would be good to be 5 minutes ahead of time at the stop for the worst case that he drove a little faster to have additional time for the next photo stop...

... or you need to wait some minutes more because they just made a photo stop (like us at Brandenburg Gate) so we were 3 minutes late at Central Station where I left the bus.

I was living in West-Berlin so I was only interested more in the Eastern part of the loop. So I get on Checkpoint Charlie and paid 15.00 EUR as I did not want a day pass but one tour:

A day pass for HoHo is 20.00 EUR.

But you can find here another selection of tour operators:

and if you enter STADTRUNDFAHRT BERLIN you will find much more.

But do not ask me how I like them! I do not know.

Some do have live comments - others via headset from tape.

All different routes and frequency.

That's our tour guide...

... or better the City Animal (Logo) of Berlin.

So we stayed for a couple of minutes for some snap shots at Checkpoint Charlie...

Part of the former death strip before we re-enter East Berlin.

Leipziger Straße with is communist architecture style...

The French and the German cathedrales at Gendarmenmarkt.

And the Concert Hall in the center.

"Ampelmann" is the man in the traffic signal like instead of "Don't Walk"/"Walk".

We had a Western and an Eastern version. But as the Eastern "Ampelmann" looks friendlier he survived and became part of the Western traffic signals as well.

So he became famous to be on a lot of souvenirs...

We arrived at the former GDR-Prime Minister-Building which had the gate of the former Stadtschloss (City Palace) which was opposite.

But the Communists destroyed it to set up the Palace of the Republic. Now this is destroyed (with hundereds of better or worse arguments) but now the square is vacated to set up again the City Palace - subject they get enough money as donation.

Fischerinsel (Fischermen's Island) is the first part of Berlin which was founded in 1237. But due to the 750th anniversary they tried to rebuild. Some buildings in a very communist style of historical constructions. Somehow surprising funny...

I do not want to explain everything multiple time so I feel free to refer to

River and canal cruises are great to discover Berlin as well.

My favourite company:

Bruno Winkler

Prince Charles and Camilla were here just a couple of days after I took these pictures with the British Embassy...

I am quite impressed that the US Embassy opposite of the Holocaust Memorial does not look like Fort Knox...

Another Photo Stop was made here.

The only reason why I get off at Central Station:

I wante to know where the bus stops...

Opposite of the square at the left corner of Washingtonplatz Exit...

Right of the cube at the curbside.

Do not forget to wave when you see the red bus coming...

I hope that you have enough impressions to decide how you would like your time in Berlin.


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