Warnemünde, Germany - Rostock - Train and Tram Guide

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Willkommen in Deutschland!
Welcome to Germany!

Warnemünde is a part of the city of Rostock which is a true typical German city and not a former fishermen village.

Maybe you would like to see it.

Beside taking the train there is the option to use the boat to Rostock:


For those who like to take the train here you find the way how to get to the station:


and how to buy your tickets to Rostock:


S-Bahn (= Stadtschnellbahn = Fast Urban Train = Commuter Train = white S in green circle) is leaving every 10 to 30 minutes (varies to the time and day of travel).

Check at the board once you arrive at the station which is next to go.

Trains to Güstrow are leaving once per hour but also do the same tour to Rostock Hbf (= Hauptbahnhof = Central Station).

There are three trains which you should not use if you just want to go to Rostock:

ICE: High-Speed-Train to Berlin - only if you have long-distance-train tickets.
IC: Long-Distance-Train to Leipzig - same
InterConnex: Private Train to Berlin - only if you have special tickets for this train.

You might use ICE/IC if you are in transit to destinations like Berlin, Hamburg or Schwerin and you have tickets which are valid for those trains.

All others should use S-Bahn. Some of them called S1, some S2 - officially the routes to Güstrow calls S2 but only those between Warnemünde and Rostock should be S1 - but I gave up to think about:

As long as you find this signs for your next train you are correct:

For the short ride of 20 minutes it does not make too much sense to take the 1st class.

You will have multi-purpose compartments. All you need to find is the bike-sign on the train cars to identify this special car which you can use for strollers, buggies, bikes and wheel chairs.

You'll find toilets even for the short ride:

Once you arrive at Rostock Hbf (= Hauptbahnhof = Central Station)

Please go downstairs to the tunnel:

For those who are in transit to Berlin, Lübeck, Schwerin, Hamburg, Wismar, Bad Doberan:

Check for these yellow boards to find your next connections:

All others who want to see Rostock have two options to get to downtown:





For those who prefer to take the tram: Platform A:

Best is tram 5 and 6 towards Mecklenburger Allee or Neuer Friedhof:

You can use the stairs:

or for mobility reduced:

take the elevator:

BUT on the right side: Only "-2 City" works when you want to go to downtown.

For those of you with single tickets or Day Passes for Rostock and Bad Doberan (Molli-Train): you can just go and do not need to attend to the next pictures:

Those with Day Passes like

Länderticket Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Day Pass for the State of Mecklenburg-Western Pommerania)
Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket (Happy-Weekend-Ticket)
Train-Tickets to Berlin, Wismar, Hamburg, Lübeck and Schwerin

You need tickets to use the tram from here to downtown and additionally back to the Central Station:

The left column are for adults. The right column are for children (6-14 years old incl.).

If you just want to get to down town:

Touch the "Kurzstrecke" button for 1.30 EUR. It's valid for 4 stops in trams:

2nd is Steintor/IHK (tram 3, 4, 5 and 6)
3rd is Neuer Markt (tram 5 and 6)
4th is Lange Straße (tram 5 and 6)

Children just may use for 1.20 EUR "Einzelfahrkarte ermäßigt Rostock".

In the tram you'll find these orange boxes (on this picture just the top):

You need to stamp/validate/cancel/punch your ticket once you board the tram.

To give signal that you want to leave the tram press "Stop - Tür auf" (Door open) buttom.

It's easy to identify your next stop:

If you are in Tram 3 or 4 you must exit at "Steintor IHK" (= Industrie- und Handelskammer = Chamber of Industry and Commerce).

Then you face to Steintor and walk straight ahead:

until you reach Neuer Markt:

You are in the heart of Rostock:

Straight ahead between the houses you'll get to Universitätsplatz where we meet the other cruisers who walked...

On the left part of the Market Square you find the Tourist Office and the Main Post Office and the Departure Point of the City Tour:

For those of you who prefer to walk and have a nice peace of cake on the way to the City Center may follow me.

Same those who are looking for SIXT Car-Rental-Station...

Follow me upstairs to the North Exit (Ausgang Nord):

If you have diabetis and do not want to see the wonder cakes: go straight ahead

alongside of Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße and turn left to Hermannstraße

All others make a look to the left...

SIXT Car-Rental-Station...

... and those who like to walk and see cakes...

"Historische Innenstadt" (Historical Downtown)

which means you are walking to Gerhard-Hauptmann-Straße

If you are walking straight ahead you just terminate at Café Paula.

Café Paula is a former bakery which survived the transition from Communist era to today.

When I walked there I could see the non-local cars stopping buy to buy there. The queue was quite long and the people sitting the in the court and having their outdoor-breakfast made me very jealous. Unfortunately I just had breakfast so I was unable to try anything from there. But I heared from other cruisers that they were very excited.

You just pass and go to the next corner and turn right.

Typical German neighbourhood.

At Hermannstraße you turn left and meet the guys who had diabetis and did not want to see the cakes...

Left to Hermannstraße (for whose who passed Café Paula) and straight ahead for the others.

Press the "Bitte drücken" (Please press) box to get green signal.

Straight ahead and you reach Universitätsplatz.

Left you see faked "historical buildings"...

To the right you meet the cruisers who preferred to take the tram to Neuer Markt...

Straight ahead you get to Kaufhof Department Store (good place - as they know how to handle Tax Free Checks...)

Tram station Lange Straße (which is exactly four stops from Central Station - so if you do not like to walk back...)

And if you cross the street at the tram and go downhill you are at Stadthafen (City port) to get on the boats to Rostock.

For your shore excursion preperation you may download this leaflet of the local transport company:


When you returned by tram you find the boards for the next trains just over the platform.

Most trains for Warnemünde are leaving from track 1 and 2:


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