Helsinki, Finland - City Tour by boat

Sometimes it's better to have a smaller ship like us...

so you can berth just next to the Market Square in Helsinki...

This was our very first cruise and were in Helsinki just one year ago. So we saw already a lot of sights.

We were so close: you could take pictures from the stern of our ship...

One year ago we did a sightseeing tour on the water with Sun Lines:

But half of our tour it was so foggy that we had no idea where were but we had more the impression to be in London England than Helsinki.

So this day the sun was shining. It was nice and warm and we had a second chance to see it again:

Well in other cities you are going by subway for work but here...

After so many days on water it was nice just to enjoy a lot of green...

And here is the difference to the other "green line" who is offering the tours. Their ship are larger and you cannot pass this bridge where you are not allowed to stand... It's only allowed if you have your supply of Aspirine with you...

Back at the Market Square it's an good occassion to have a nice fish lunch at one of the stands.

It's a nice tour to relax.


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  1. nice way to travel can't imagine all the great landscape and the market. And the end of the day take a fish and chips lunch.


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