Gdynia, Poland - Private Tour in Gdansk

Our very first cruise in 2006 on LILI MARLEEN (older cruisers might know her as CUNARD COUNTESS - younger cruisers might know her as OCEAN COUNTESS) took us to Gdynia.

Due to some researches we booked a private tour just for us.

As our ship berthed in Gdynia we really was happy when our tour guide offered us to collect us with her car in Gdynia.

So once we arrived our tour guide waited for us and on the way to Gdansk she was checking our personal preferences.

As we count to the younger generation we were interested what happened in the last year since Communism turned to Democracy.

So she proposed us to see the former Gdansk Dockyard where the Trade Union Movement Solidarnocz (Solidarity) under Lech Valessa began in Eastern Europe.

It was great to be on the square where hundereds of Polish workers started their strike which ended to the possibility that we can cruise to Poland today.

On the shipyard there was also a museum which shows the daily life in Poland during the Communist era.

There is also a very simple reason why we do not have any pictures of the museum:

Jolanta explained the Polish life in this era with such a thrill that we completely forgot to take any pictures and we followed her lips all the time. Sorry.

After this visit we went to the city center and walked around and had a cup of coffee.

By the way: this is Jolanta - our tour guide.

This is the amber dealer street where you can find a lot of amber stores.

We had a very good time during our call in Gdynia.

One year later other cruisers went with her and as they did not fit her car she organised a driver with a mini-van. They were also very excited on their tour. As they had more time in Gdynia then us they had also the occassion to attend to a concert in a church.

As Jolanta is not running a tour company but just do it occassionally as part-time job I do not want to publish her e-mail address as link. She is a fully licensed tour guide as you can see on the tag above.

So who might be interested to have a tour with her may contact me and I will tell you her e-mail-address.

It was great to buy Polish speciality with her assistance in a true Polish greengrocer store: We got Krakow-Sausage for locals - not the version for tourists... but we live in Germany so it was legal to take it home... and we had a great tasty souvenir from Poland.

So enjoy your stay in Gdansk and if time permit: let Jolanta take you around.



  1. Those are some really awesome pictures. Its amazing how they can create such wonderful buildings. I love how the colors match and the different building with different colors blend together

  2. I have visited this site and got lots of information than other site visited before a month.

    part-time job

  3. I really love the city! I was there two years ago and it was a amazing tour, the people and food were on point, i will recommend it


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