Warnemünde, Germany - Rostock Boat Tour Options 2010

Willkommen in Deutschland
Welcome to Germany

You can click on the pictures to enlarge. So you can easier read the instructions.

The Warnemünde Cruise Center is located next to the Rostock-bound boats -

but let us get first a general overview:

Most of you will arrive Terminal 1 = P7 -

very few of you also Terminal 2 = P8 which means 5 minutes more to walk over the parking to get to P7 = Terminal 1

And you need to cross additionally this parking lot before you arrive at P7 = Terminal 1:

Some of you coming with small ships are arriving on P1-4 which is just there where I took the pictures from a crane.

Subject you use the boat between Rostock and Warnemünde you can get here an impression of the distances from the waterside...

And that's the impression from your ship if you are on an open deck facing the open sea:

That's Terminal 1 and you turn to the right:

At the ferry station to the other bank of the river Warnow and this sign for Jodelling Sausages (no idea if it is good or still exists... never tried a jodelling sausage and will never do!) you turn to the right alongside of the promenade.

There are two companies offering the service to Rostock:




As both owner's name is Schütt I have more the impression that it is a joined-service.

One schedule can be found here:


There you can also find a map of the berth in Rostock - just walk up the hill and you are in downtown (about 8-12 minutes).


Here you can also find the prices of 2008.

The departure points are here:


I made the experience: if the weather is nice they had additional salings and the published schedules is not working anymore.

Therefore just go to the departure point in Warnemünde and see...

Once you arrive in Rostock you arrive in the City Port (= Stadthafen)

There you find a brewery restaurant: Zum alten Fritz.

When the sun is shining you can sit outside and enjoy food and beer.

From here you need to find your way to the ship which will berth behind the circus tent.

Here you see the harbour cruise berth at Stadthafen.

Look through this gate.

You need to cross the street and walk upwards.

"Kaufhof" is located in the shopping street in Rostock.

Here you see old and newly "faked" front of the houses in Rostock.

Have a nice sailing.


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