Warnemünde, Germany - Bike rental

You can click on the pictures to enlarge. So you can easier read the instructions.

Some of you would like to rent a bike.

The first genneral overview it's the same like getting to the train station building:

Most of you will arrive Terminal 1 = P7 -

very few of you also Terminal 2 = P8 which means 5 minutes more to walk over the parking to get to P7 = Terminal 1:

in 2009:
THOMSON SPIRIT on June 3, 2009
BOUDICCA on June 4, 2009
REGATTA and SEABOURN PRIDE on June 11, 2009
SILVER CLOUD on June 13, 2009
REGATTA on June 19, 2009
PRINSENDAM on June 21, 2009
AZAMARA JOURNEY on July 1, 2009
EURODAM on July 13, 2009
ROTTERDAM on July 14, 2009
OCEAN MAJESTY on July 16, 2009
SEABOURN PRIDE on July 28, 2009
ADRIANA III on July 31, 2009
EURODAM on August 2, 2009
ROTTERDAM on August 3, 2009
SAGA RUBY on August 6, 2009
DISCOVERY on August 15, 2009
SEABORN PRIDE on August 18, 2009
MINERVA and OCEAN MAJESTY on August 19, 2009
CRYSTAL SYMPHONY on August 20, 2009
THOMSON SPIRIT on August 25, 2009
ROTTERDAM on August 27, 2009
THOMSON SPIRIT on September 15, 2009

And you need to cross additionally this parking lot before you arrive at P7 = Terminal 1:

Some of you coming with small ships are arriving on P1-4 which is just there where I took the pictures from a crane.

in 2009 only one:
AZAMARA JOURNEY on July 13, 2009

And one ship need to berth in 2009 in Rostock Seaport instead of Warnemünde:
CRYSTAL SYMPHONY on August 3, 2009
All information on transportation from Warnemünde are not applicable for you as you will be in a total different part of the city of Rostock.

Source: http://www.rostock-port.de/kreuzschifffahrt/anlaeufe/anlaeufe_2009.html

Subject you use the boat between Rostock and Warnemünde you can get here an impression of the distances from the waterside...

And that's the impression from your ship if you are on an open deck facing the open sea:

That's Terminal 1 and you turn to the right:

At the ferry station to the other bank of the river Warnow and this sign for Jodelling Sausages (no idea if it is good or still exists... never tried a jodelling sausage and will never do!) you turn to the right alongside of the promenade.

Keep left to find this tunnel.

In the tunnel you find already the advertising of the first bike rental provider:

After the tunnel (no way for mobility reduced) you'll get here to the station building.

There are two bike rental station - but I never rented from them - so do not ask me how liable they are...

The first one is just located in the station building to the right:

On the left part you find the Maritimer Sanddornmarkt (former name: Holiday und mehr) - which is a maritime sea buckthorn market...

... reminds to much being sick... taste horrible... but should be very healthy as most Vitamine C concentration in nature without acid...

Go and see your self...

But you see: you can also have cars:

As they have put so many maps on the glass door they need the "Offen" and "Geöffnet"-signs to tell poeple that they are open...

Holiday & meer
Am Bahnhof 5 (part of the train station building)
Phone +49 381 7007060
E-Mail webmaster@holidayundmeer.de

No information on opening hours on website - But will try to get some when I am next time in Warnemünde.

Type of rental objects and pricelist:

unsere Preise pro Tag = our prices per Day
Fahrrad = Bike
mit Hänger = with trailer
mit Nachzieher = with a platform on wheels where your child stands on it while you are cycling
mit Kindersitz = with child seat
mit Korb = with basket
Bollerwagen = Hand cart
Laufrad = Walking wheel

They also offer for smaller children electric cars for rent.

It's also the location of Europcar Car Rental office - but I know that they do not accept any late returns after this store closed and for those of you with a late departure I remember it was somehow too early.

For the second provider you need to continue for 3-5 minutes your walk. Please exit the station area towards the village center:

Walk over the bridge:

The street behind the bridge to the right is Am Strom:

I was there at the corner already but I did not take to much attention to bikes but chocolate place, ATM and post office for another cruise friend from California:

Now stay on Kirchenstraße and keep to the left - to find the second store:

It's left of the Tourist Information and Police Station - looks more like a toy store...

but there was a "Fahrradverleih"-sign in the window which stand for rent-a-bike.

Am Strom 59 / intersection Kirchenstraße
Phone +49 381 5193666 (available from 10 am to 6 pm)
Emergency Cell Phone +49 160 8582333
E-Mail brummkreisel24@arcor.de

In peak-season (June to August):
Monday - Saturday 9 am to 7 pm
Sunday 10 am to 6 pm

In off-peak-season (September to May):
Monday - Saturday 9.30 am to 6 pm
Sunday 10 am to 6 pm

Type of rental objects:


Tagespreis = Price for one day

Fahrräder für Erwachsene = Bikes for adults
Bollerwagen = Hand cart
Kinderfahrräder = Bikes for children
Laufräder = Walking Wheel
Buggys = Buggies
Fahrradanhänger = Bike trailer
Kindersitze = Child seats
Fahrradhelme = Bike helmets (kostenlos = complimentary (if you rent a bike))
Radwanderkarten = Biker's map (im Verleih = to borrow free of charge or to buy from 3.75 EUR)

Just for your information:

Only children upto 8 are allowed to use the sidewalks.
Normally you should cycle on the streets.

There are lot of so-called Radwanderwege which is a long-distance-bikers-trail.

If you are cyling on public streets and you arrive to an intersection:

cars can pass you but you must stay behind the cars until it's green signal.

At the intersection with a special lane for bikes and pedestrians cars must wait until the bikes and pedestrian crossed the street before turning left.

For all bikers the German Traffic Rules fully apply incl. fines!!! Drunk on bike = fine like car drivers.

If you need to turn left: please push your bikes across the streets with safe signals. It's too complicated to explain how it works in Germany to make a left turn by bike with current traffic.

Emergency: 112.

Have a safe trip with your bikes.


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