Berlin, Germany - Walking and Public Transport Guide 2009 for a very personal tour suggestion

You can click on the pictures to enlarge. So you can easier read the instructions.

Willkommen in Deutschland!
Welcome to Germany!

2009 is the 20th anniversary of the Fall of the Wall (in German Mauerfall).

And it's a good reason to visit Berlin because there will a lot of live events to celebrate this historical event.

Check this website for your specific date:

Like a free open-air exhibition on Alexanderplatz:

Without this event I do not think that you ship will call ports like Warnemünde, Gdansk or Tallinn and you can easily ashore to see all these great places.

In German "Roter Faden" means "red thread" which stands for the central theme. That's why everybody coming by train to Berlin need to follow the red part of the text to get safely from Central Station in Berlin to Central Station in Berlin to get back to your train to Rostock and Warnemünde.

Blue part is for those travellers who are coming by car.

Green part is for little extra specials from the tour.

Purple part is for variations from the tour.

Orange part is a short-cut to return subject you need extra time for single sights.

The walk itself incl. public transport are two hours.

If you have five hours to spend in Berlin you have three hours to allocate yourself to the sights.

It can only give you an overview. I lived eight years in Berlin and I never had a chance to see all attractions. Berlin is moving - every day - so everything changes so fast there. So this tour is made to allure you to come back again to Berlin and spend more time. It's just a taster. You need days to discover the insights.

It's my personal favourites what I would like to show my friends when they ask me to take them around in Berlin. So please do not discuss with me if other recommends other sights. It's limited to a typical stay of a cruiser in Warnemünde or Hamburg and not for a multi-days stay.

In preperation to the tour you should download and check this websites:

Rapid transit system in Berlin City Area (U-Bahn = subway / S-Bahn = commuter trains)

Tram Network

Berlin Hauptbahnhof


Borsigwerke (only for those who parked in the garage of the Am Borsigturm shopping mall)

Zinnowitzer Straße (only for those who parked in the garage of the Am Borsigturm shopping mall)


Potsdamer Platz




Hackescher Markt (only as variation)

Check also these websites to prepare your visit in Berlin:

But now let' start to my personal tour:

Your train is approching Berlin Hbf = Hauptbahnhof = Central Station

Normally it will be announced verbally and you'll have displays in the trains.

By this way restrooms are always at the lower deck of the doubledecker cars.

You have arrived: welcome in Berlin!!!

The new building it's an attraction itself:

For the first view follow me to Track 11.

Those who came by car may park at Hauptbahnhof and leave the car here and join the tour from here. You can also return the car and use the train back which might be more relaxing than driving all way back to Warnemünde. All major car rental stations have also a location here in the terminal building.

Here are the information to get to this place:,variant=details,recordId=1071.html?c210230=Berlin

GPS: Berlin - Europaplatz 1 (if district is requested: Mitte)

Access to the garage:

Maybe you find out that you would like to store some of bags as the weather changed and you do not want to carry some jackets with or you need your picnic-basket for the return journey again.

Lockers are located close to access to track 1 and 2 and parking garage access C

You need to walk down one floor to -3C-Parking Deck.

Make sure that you have change in Euro with you 50 Cent, 1 EUR and 2 EUR.

A small locker for handbags is currently (2009) 3 EUR for 24 hours.

If you do not have change or prefer personal guarding instead lockers or all lockers are taken:

Between track 14 and 15 you'll find the baggage storage.

But therefore you need to get upwards.

It's next to ReiseBank where you can cash your travellers checks, change money or visit ATM and for the worst case: receive payments from Western Union..
You bring first in and you'll get a ticket.

Before you collect your bags: pay first here: make sure that you have Euro-bills and coins left.

With your receipt and your ticket you'll get back your bags at the counter.

But before we continue Track 11 (just follow the large number-signs)...

Section A - it's outside the hall.

And that's your today's destination: Berlin!

When you finished your overwiew go down: For those who are following my suggestions and see first the Berlin Wall Memorial exit to Europaplatz to the left.

For those who does not like to see the Berlin Wall Memorial but like to walk to Reichstag exit to the right to go to the Reichstag. Meet you later there!

For those who like to join a Ho-Ho-Tour: exit to the right to Washingtonplatz.

When you have this entrace on your backside:

facing forward - you see the Reichstag already.

Right of this bus stop and traffic signal there is a marble cube (technical building):
All Ho-Ho-Buses starts from here. You have to wave to stop the bus. There is no sign at the curbside.

Ho-Ho-Buses available with BVG: Top Tour Sightseeing or new name is Berlin Insider
but also from many other companies. But I lived in Berlin for a couple of years and so I am familiar with BVG and they are one of the companies with life-guide instead of headset audio-guides. I like it more if you can ask.

So I did a half circle to take additional photos.

By the way: if you dislike to do Ho-Ho you can a single circle which 15.00 EUR instead of 20.00 EUR for the day pass. But they did additional photo stops at Checkpoint Charlie and Brandenburg Gate while I was onboard. So that's why they are slightly behind the schedule mostly.

You should be there few minutes before you bus departs and should wave the driver to stop. The bus can be also late due to traffic. I would be there about 10 minutes ahead of departure and wait at least 10 minutes after scheduled departure which is 05 and 35 minutes past the hours. First ride is 11.35 hrs. Perfect for those who arrives from Rostock minutes ago.

All others should arrive here at the exit Europaplatz.

To the left you find the branch of the Berlin Tourist Board. Here you can get all kind of brochures, maps etc. as well as souvenirs.

Once you get out of the building you'll the departure points of the buses.

The display shows you the next departures.

For those follow me to the Berlin Wall Memorial:

245 towards S Nordbahnhof

On the large display you see the next departures. So you know if you need to hurry and can go relaxed to the station.

For those who prefer to go by bus to Reichstag may use M85 towards S Lichterfelde Süd

or you take the new subway U55 to Brandenburg Gate:

The next 245 would be in 2 minutes. It's real-time information and includes all adjustments due to current traffic conditions.

Reading the schedule at the stops is very easy:

left column: Monday to Friday
center column: Saturday
right column: Sunday and public holidays

Some may vary with additional columns for traffic during school break season.

And some rides are indexed with small variations.

In Berlin you must show the driver your ticket.

If you arrived with Länderticket Berlin-Brandenburg or Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket you do not need an additional tickets for the public transport in Berlin. Just show your current ticket.

But if you arrived with a full-flexible train-ticket or by car:

buy a day pass before you get on the bus at the machines in the station terminal!

Here are the instructions how to buy the tickets:

You get off at the terminal S Nordbahnhof.

For those of you who came by car and left their car in the garage of the Am Borsigturm shopping mall:

Park at Hallen am Borsigturm:

GPS: Berlin - Am Borsigturm 2 (if district requested: Reinickendorf)

You take U6-subway from Borsigwerke towards Alt-Mariendorf and get off Zinnowitzer Straße. Subway runs every 5 minutes. It's three blocks away from this point. You exit to Chausseestraße - Habersaathstraße.

Once you are upstairs you make a U-turn and make a turn next left to Zinnowitzer Straße.

Now you are two blocks away from Nordbahnhof.

Do not forget to buy a day pass at Borsigwerke subway station:

If you like to walk you just walk about 6-8 minutes ahead.

For those who travelled on Regional Express from Rostock to Berlin: you may also get off one station before Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Central Station) at Berlin Gesundbrunnen.

There you change to S1, S2, S25 trains toward Berlin-Wannsee, Blankenfelde or Teltow Stadt and you get off at Nordbahnhof.

When you exit to Gartenstraße/Bernauer Straße you just get out at this little building on the left what you see on the below picture.

If you dislike to walk you turn the right and face to the tram stop behind the left building:

By the way: Nordbahnhof stands for Northstation. It was "neutralized" by the GDR (German Democratic Republic = former East Germany) as the former station name was Stettiner Bahnhof. Stettin is today the Polish City of Sczeczin. To avoid any problems with their brotherhood countries they renamed the station to Northstation. Today only the commuter trains in the tunnel pass this station. The surface traffic is disconnected. Not just Northstation but also a lot of other former long-distance stations in Berlin. To remember the importance of Berlin railways hub function before you find here all major destinations from then like Copenhagen.

Get on M10 towards S Warschauer Straße for the next stop: Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer:

You have free admission to the exhibitions of the Berlin Wall Memorial. The tower is always accessable.

For those who comes by car and want to park the car in City Center: go first to the Berlin Wall Memorial.

Berlin - Bernauer Straße 111 (if district is requested: Mitte)

You can walk back to Nordbahnhof or take M10 for one stop.

Once you arrive find the stop of Tram 12 towards Mitte Am Kupfergraben.

Tram 12 is operating every 15 minutes but on Sunday only every 20 minutes.

Subject you do not want to wait too long and to waist valuable time you get in to the commuter train (S-Bahn - white S in green circle) you should get into this station building and take any S1, S2, S25 towards Berlin-Wannsee, Blakenfelde or Teltow Stadt for two stops. They run every few minutes.

I prefer surface traffic: you see more from the life. A tunnel in Berlin looks like a tunnel in London or New York City. And especially on this little section from here to the next place you can see all old houses like in communist time next to brand new houses of post-communist time. Renovated houses and those who is still under a decision of the courts who is the real owner. Former Jewish or West German owners vs. new owners due to nationalization. You get off at U+S Friedrichstraße.

You go back to the bridge and turn left.

That's one monument to remember the deported children to the Concentration Camps all over Europe.

Historically during the Communist area the station Friedrichstraße was very interesting station because it was the access point between East and West. Commuter trains from East terminated here and you have to pass Eastern immigration (the Western did not take too much as West-Berlin was always a free city protected by the Western Allies) to change to the Commuter trains to the West.

Those lines were disconnected after the Wall was set up and re-installled sind the turn down of the wall. The Wall went more or less through the station hall. Track 1 and 2 for the long-distance trains to Western destinations. Track 3 and 4 was for commutertrains to West-Berlin. To Track 5 and 6 you can only get if you passsed the border control of GDR. So there was a metal wall between Track 3/4 and 5/6. All lines from the East terminated at the fence so they cannot continue to the West.

At the end of the platform 1/2 you can find these pictures on the cube showing the history of this train station.

The subway offered a transit connection to North and South of West Berlin. All stations in East Berlin except Friedrichstraße were passed without stop but under control of the East German Border Police. A view from the platform for westbound trains to Friedrichstraße was impossible.

By the way if you walk here straight ahead you get to Checkpoint Charlie. But the next block is already Unter den Linden. There you can find in House 39 following offer:

Maybe interesting for those whose feet already hurts:

64 EUR per hour for a guiding driver in a van which can accomadate 8 persons:

For a group of 8 not bad:

4 hours @ 64.00 EUR = 256.00 EUR
2 x Happy-Weekend-Ticket @ 37.00 EUR = 74.00 EUR
330.00 EUR ./. 8 = 41.25 EUR

for a semi-private tour (train on weekend + 4 hours private tour in Berlin)

maybe a good idea instead of walking. But I have not used them. Just saw their ad on the walkway.

For those who used the Commuter Train from Nordbahnhof to get to here: Exit to Georgenstraße to meet us here again

Find the escelator towards Exit Friedrichstraße and go upwards.

Once you made one level up you make an immediate turn to the right and stay right to the escelator going up.

Turn right again.

Near to Track 1/2 is the side of Georgenstraße.

For those of you who came by car and left their car in the garage of the Am Borsigturm shopping mall AND did not want to see the Berlin Wall Museum -

You can join the tour from here!

Park at Hallen am Borsigturm:

GPS: Berlin - Am Borsigturm 2 (if district requested: Reinickendorf)

You take U6-subway from Borsigwerke towards Alt-Mariendorf and get off Friedrichstraße. Subway runs every 5 minutes. Exit to Georgenstraße/Dorotheenstraße.

Here you should follow Dorotheenstraße / Unter den Linden to get to this exit:

Now a U-Turn and left to Georgenstraße and you are on the way like the others.

Do not forget to buy a day pass at Borsigwerke subway station:

Turn to the right towards Reichstagufer (= Riverbank to the Reichstag).

It's also great to discover Berlin from the waterside by river cruise on the river Spree.

You can also rent bikes... the best way to discover Berlin. Here close is a bike rental.

You find all information here:

And again someone who offers river cruise.

Here you see on the left side Reichstag. Between the two buildings for our representatives you see the the tower of the Central Station.

When you arrive at the backside of the Reichstag: can you imagine that the wall was here before? We could not go by car to the back entrance. Like us we need to use the stairs because the wall was build directly to the front of the building. Officially the stairs was part of Eastern Germany. But fortunately they did not touch the building to make the correct line of the Berlin Wall.

The bricks on the ground mark the line of the former Berlin Wall.

"Berliner Mauerweg" is a sign-post system which takes bikers and walkers once around West-Berlin to follow the line of the walk:

Here is also the Memorial for those victims who tried to escape from East Berlin by swimming in the river Spree. But even this border was protected as safe as all others.

You reach now the Reichstag (Parliament-Building incl. Dome)

The visit in the Dome of the Parliament building is free of charge.

It's worth to wait to get on the Dome. But if the line is too long it would waist too much of your valuable time. A day like today with approx. 15 minutes waiting time is perfect. But stay on the right line for individual visitors. Left is only for pre-registered groups.

For those with mobility reduced persons or little children in strollers in your group - you may enter at the right of the stairs trough this entrance.

Subject you have a CONFIRMED reservation for the roof-restaurant you can also use this entrance:

Well German chi-chi-Restaurant - so you do not expect typical German food and street level prices... but nice view.

You make a turn to the left and then to the right and you see already Brandenburg Gate.

The cobblestone-row on the street replaces the other bricks showing the line of Berlin Wall.

Let's look how it looks like to the East. And you see bikers are allowed to ride here but no cars anymore.

Unter den Linden (= Under the Linden) is the historical axle of Berlin with all historical buildings.

The Adlon Hotel is the No. 1 Hotel in Germany. Inside there is a Leysieffer-Store. One of my preferred chocolate stores: Leysieffer and their "Himmlischen" (The Heavenlies):

I took some of them to my nice cruise-friends on NORWEGIAN DREAM:
To be honest: Do not know who was melting faster: my cruise friends or the Heavenlies

But let's get back to West Berlin and turn left. After you passed the US-Embassy you'll get on the Holocaust Memorial.

If you stay a couple days Holocaust-Memorial is a must but if your time is limited to five hours I would like to see more the Wall related sights than the Holocaust related sights.

Please accept following explaination:
Holocaust venues I can see in a lot of places. Therefore I can also see e.g. Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. It's important that the Holocaust may not be forgotten and if you have only a limited time stay you might want to see the places you do not have in your own country.

Therefore: it's great to visit this place but if you spend too much time you'll get problems with the other places. It's no rating which place is more significant. But anyway I am from the generation growing up with the Wall so for me the Wall will always play an essential role if friends ask me to show them around in Berlin.

Just for Friends of Dorothy: The Monument for the homosexual victims on the opposite side of the Holocaust-Memorial.


We continue on Ebertstraße towards Potsdamer Platz:

The area between "In den Ministergärten" and "Voßstraße" is the former location of the "Führerbunker". But you will not too much today to see.

We arrive at Potsdamer Platz.

Subject you do not want to continue or you are under time pressure: For those who need to return their bikes take any S1, S2, S25 towards Oranienburg, Bernau or Hennigsdorf and who bought a day pass for their bikes as well: two stops to Friedrichstraße. After your returned your bike: any S5, S7, S9 or S75 towards Spandau, Westkreuz or Potsdam for one stop to get back to Central Station.

For those who need to return to your parking in the shopping mall am Borsigturm: take same train and change at Friedrichstraße to U6 towards Alt-Tegel and get out at Borsigwerke.

For those who need to go urgently back to Central Station:

M41 bus uses the tunnel and you will not see anything

M85 bus is a little slower but will take you all alongside of the major attractions

Opposite is also the station Bahnhof Potsdamer Platz.
A few minutes before your train to Rostock leaves from Berlin Central Station you can also board your train here: if you do not need to collect anything at Central Station or return a bike.

You see your train will leave from platform 3 or 4 and check the boards like here on the screen to see the next train towards Rostock.

Potsdamer Platz was the square of all squares. Before World War II the most vivid square in Berlin. In the Communist era the largest rocky desert. Now the best challenge for every architect.

Between the two right towers it's Potsdamer Straße and the right tower is the BahnTower - the corporate office of German Railways. If you stay on the right side fo the Potsdamer Straße you'll find


It's one of the entertainment center in Berlin.

Get to the opposite side of the street and walk to the street next to the Cinemaxx-Cinema Center.

This is one of the best parking spot for those who comes by car.

It's recommended by ADAC - that's the German coun
terpart of AAA or AA.

Download here a map:

GPS: Berlin - Ludwig-Beck-Straße (corner Voxstraße - if district is required: Mitte)

You may start your tour here and after the end of this tour you just start again until you are back here...

If you arrive here you can go straight ahead to the shopping mall Arkaden am Potsdamer Platz

you do small detour to the right towards Marlene-Dietrich-Platz with its Musical-Theaters.

On the left side you find Tony Roma's...

Maybe an option if you cannot see anymore your cruise food... hmmm... yummy......

Turn next to the left to enter the Arkaden am Potsdamer Platz shopping mall.

If you made too many purchases you may store it in the lockers at the Potsdamer Platz train station. Find the escelator to track 3 and 4. Have exact change with you: 2 and 1-EUR and 50 Cent. Do not forget to return. Follow the same instructions like the car-users who need to get back to their parking at Potsdamer Platz.

After your purchases or browsing in the shopping mall exit to Potsdamer Platz that you find this place watching to the Bahn Tower. It's Stresemannstraße.

Do not worry - the walk will not take so long that it becomes dark but I interrupted the tour as I had a meeting. You continue on Stresemannstraße and change to the left side to Niederkirchenerstraße.

You can get professional audio guides which explain the situation of the Berlin Wall:

When you enter the Niederkirchenerstraße you'll find the former Prussian Parliament building which is today the Bundesrat (Federal Council = 2nd chamber of Parliament = Parliament of the 16 German states) and of course you may visit the building:

Opposite is Martin-Gropius-Bau which is an event hall for exhibitions etc.:

For those who loves art might want to make a stop.

The next place I would like to introduce:

Topography of terror

The former torture cellars of the so-called "Gestapo" (= Geheime Staats Polizei = Secret State Police) in the Third Reich.

Here is also one piece of the wall left. But for my taste this place is not as good as the part at the Berlin Wall Memorial.

The next place is a little park where you can see old East German cars (Trabi = Trabant = made of Plaste and Elaste - no steel parts - some artificial plastic mixture...) and going to the sky with a captive balloon.

You just walk over to continue in Zimmerstraße. Can you imagine that it was during the Berlin Wall era impossible to get with your own car to the front of your house??? So the wall just left the sidewalk to move around.

Borderpoint Friedrichstraße/Zimmerstraße or known in the world as Checkpoint Charlie (Checkpoint Bravo was Dreilinden = Berlin to East Germany and Checkpoint Alpha was Helmstedt = West Germany to East Germany)

If you have an occassion you should visit the Wall Museum:

For those who are still able to walk go on Friedrichstraße to the East... See you in few minutes.

All others follow me to the subway.

During the Communist area the platform conductor announced "Letzter Bahnhof in Berlin West" (Last stop in West Berlin" - the next stations towards Alt-Tegel were closed. But if there was someone in the train who might be suspicious for the East Germany they might have stopped the train to arrest him. The next true stop was Friedrichstraße to transfer or to enter East Berlin (or to buy cheap cigarettes - East Germany ran shops which accept only Deutsche Mark and not the Mark of the GDR - so a lot of West Berlin citizens like to do typical Duty Free Goods - so a lot of customs officers boarded the subway to check the quantity).

For those who are interested more in Jewish Life in Berlin: The Jewish Museum is not so far from here and can be an alternative to the Wall Museum.

You are going to towards Alt-Tegel for one stop.

Once you arrived at Stadtmitte (City Center) you get out towards Gendarmenmarkt - Friedrichstraße.

For those who need to discontinue the tour and to get back to Central Station and bike return: stay on the train to Friedrichstraße and change there to any S5, S7, S9 or S75 towards Spandau, Westkreuz or Potsdam for one stop to get back to Central Station.

by car in parking shopping mall Am Borsigturm: stay on the train to Borsigwerke.

by car in parking shopping mall Potsdamer Platz: change here to U2-trains towards Ruhleben to Potsdamer Platz.

Here we meet again those who walked over from Checkpoint Charlie.

Let's continue on Friedrichstraße to corner Mohrenstraße.

Turn right to Mohrenstraße.

On the right side you find Fassbender & Rausch:

Maybe a good occassion for a break:

Reichstag made of chocolate and as we are good cruisers: the TITANIC made of chocolate.

That's Gendarmenmarkt with

Konzerthaus (Concert House):

Deutscher Dom (German Cathedrale)

and behind the Konzerthaus-Building

Französischer Dom (French Cathedrale)

Normally you can walk towards Alexanderplatz but my feet hurt so I think that your feet hurt as well. But compared to this what you have seen already and what you can expect the district from here to Alexanderplatz is a little "weak". Therefore let's take the subway again: U2 towards Pankow.

Get off at Alexanderplatz and exit to Alexanderplatz facing the direction to Pankow.

Once you are out: The TV-Tower (communist building style) and Galeria Kaufhof (a good German Department Store):

Department stores are always good spots to get an inexpensive full meal.

If you do any purchases there: for those things you take home: ask for Tax Free Check:

Subject you are in hurry and need to discontinue the tour: Go from here towards the TV-Tower: you'll find there the train station Alexanderplatz: Get on Platform 4 and all trains leaving from there take you to Friedrichstraße (Bike return and transfer to Borsigwerke (U6 towards Alt-Tegel for parking at shopping mall Am Borsigturm) and Central Station. U2 towards Ruhleben takes you back to Potsdamer Platz for those of you who parked in the shopping mall Potsdamer Platz.

All others turn their faces to the left (Galeria Kaufhof is to the right) and walk over there to see the Communist styled World Time Clock.

An older picture during the day time and if you look back you see the Park Inn Hotel which was formerly Hotel Stadt Berlin (City of Berlin) - a true Communist styled Hotel.

Right to the hotel tower you'll find this tram stop.

Take any M4, M5, M6 tram towards Hackescher Markt or Schwartzkopfstraße

You will pass the TV Tower which you might like to visit to have a great view over Berlin:

Get off at Spandauer Straße/Marienkirche.

Subject you are in hurry:

Central Station and bike return: stay for one more stop to Hackescher Markt:

Get on Platform 4 and all trains leaving from there take you to Friedrichstraße (Bike return) and Central Station.

For parking at shopping mall Am Borsigturm you should be in a M6-tram towards Schwartzkopfstraße. Stay there until Zinnowitzer Straße and change there to subway U6 towards Alt-Tegel to Borsigwerke.
Bus M48 and Bus 248 towards Zehlendorf Busseallee or U Breitenbachplatz take you back to Potsdamer Platz for those of you who parked in the shopping mall Potsdamer Platz. Starts in the front of the Block House Restaurant.

On the right you see the Red Town Hall - The Town Hall of the City of Berlin.

Facing forward it's going back to Unter den Linden and Brandenburg Gate. On the right side you Radisson SAS Hotel. You can walk straight ahead back to Brandenburg Gate but it will take about 20-30 Minutes.

At Hackescher Markt you can have a lot of good restaurants all ethnic style and if the weather is nice you can sit outside. To get there: stay in the tram for one more stop at Hackescher Markt.

Go through the train station to the other side.

Most overseas friends I take them to Weihenstephaner:

It's Bavarian and not Prussian (Berlin Style) - but they get everything what they want to experience in Germany.

And from the platform of Hackescher Markt it's nice to see the Museums Island as well.

You should walk into the Radisson SAS Hotel to see this lift:

I prefer to use Bus 100 and Bus 200 which is nearly a sightseeing line but with standard fare. Any 100 or 200 bus towards U+S Zoologischer Garten is good for us to do Hop-on-Hop-off. Just walk to the last door and press the open-door-button to ask for a stop at the next station... which is Lustgarten (Pleasure Garden)...

That's the Berlin Dome:

You see still close to TV Tower: who wanted to walk...

If you turn to the left:

Here you have the options:

Museum Island:

It's UNESCO World Heritage:

That's the Altes Museum (Old Museum):

On the daylight: Opposite was the Palast der Republik (Palace of the Republic). It was the parliament and event venue of the former GDR. Due to asbestos and the "bad" history it was destroyed now. Although I am not a Communist: This was part of the history and you cannot just destroy history. The nickname was "Erichs Lampenladen" (Erich's lamp store = Erich was Erich Honnecker - one of the GDR-Prime-Minister) because this building was always kept brilliant and illuminated although the rest of the country did not have enough electric bulbs to buy.

Here you can get some information on the Palast der Republik:

Well but the GDR did the same at the same place before: destroyed history. Before there was the Stadtschloss (City Castle) which was Prussian and represented the old Kingdom of Prussia. That did not fit to a Communist Country. And today there is the idea to build up again the Stadtschloss at the same place:

In the background it's the former Staatsratsgebäude (State Council Building = Prime Miniter's Office) of the GDR. The historic entrance of the Stadtschloss was integrated to the building. But today anymore in use for government purposes. After the reunion of East and West Germany and moving of the capital from Bonn to Berlin: the new Bundeskanzleramt (Prime Minister's Office) was not finished yet. So the first days in Berlin the Prime Minister's Office was temporary set into this building.

We are continuing now on Bus 100 or Bus 200 again and get off at Staatsoper (National Opera) and welcome again to Unter den Linden.

Unter den Linden has the same importance like 5th Avenue in New York or Avenue des Champs-Elysées in Paris but just in East Berlin. In West Berlin it's still Kurfürstendamm. All important buildings of the public life in the Old Berlin was around Unter den Linden.

That's a webcam view:

Another good website (but unfortunately only in German currently):

So you will find from here to Pariser Platz at Brandenburg Gate institutions and venues like:

Deutsches Historisches Museum (German Historical Museum)

Neue Wache (New Guard House)

unfortunately no website

Alte Kommandantur (Old Commander's Office)

Prinzessinnenpalais (Princess' Palais - not the cruise line!!!)

Kronprinzenpalais (Crown Prince's Palais)

no website as it is a venue for changing exhibitions and events

Staatsbibliothek (National Library)

St. Hedwigs Kathedrale (St. Hedwig Cathedrale)

Römischer Hof (Roman Court)

Russian Embassy

Hotel Adlon Kempinski

Akademie der Künste (Academy of arts)

French Embassy

US Embassy

above: Humboldt-University
incl. historical site buildings like Gouvaneurspalast (Gouvenour's Palace) and Altes Palais (Old Palace)

below: State Opera Building:

Above: view back to Alexanderplatz

Below: view forward to Brandenburg Gate
Let's continue again one stop with Bus 100 or 200

We get off at Unter den Linden/Friedrichstraße to look a little bit around.

The section from here Friedrichstraße to Brandenburg Gate is the paradise for all souvenir shopper...

And who loves East German handicraft for your next Christmas decoration with ornaments, figures etc. need to walk on the left side towards Friedrichstraße Train Station to find this:


Let's meet with the bikers: Continue to the end of block - turn right to Neustädtische Kirchstraße - at the end of the 2nd block it's your bike return and Bahnhof Friedrichstraße to get back on any commuter train on track 6 for one stop to Berlin Central Station. Let's meet then back there.

Who need to return to parking at shopping mall at Am Borsigturm: turn back facing to Alexander and turn left to Friedrichstraße. go to the station bridge and take subway U6 towards Alt-Tegel back to Borsigwerke.

Who need to return to parking at shopping mall at Potsdamer Platz:

Stay or get on Bus 200 towards U+S Zoologischer Garten to Potsdamer Platz.

All others wait here for
Bus TXL (stands for the IATA-Code of Berlin-Tegel Airport...) towards Tegel Airport to Hauptbahnhof/Washingtonplatz (Central Station).

Now we are back at Central Station. Time to return to your ship.

Check at the big board to the right once you enter the station building where your train is leaving. All Rostock-bound trains leave from the lower level of the station.
Last chance to buy some beverages and snacks for the long ride. Only High-Speed-Train InterCityExpress for Warnemünde will have a restaurant car.

Do not forget to collect stored baggage.

All others go also down to the parking and pay the parking. Credit card accepted.

Have a safe trip back to Rostock. Do not forget to change to Warnemünde there.

For whose on High-Speed-Train ICE back to Warnemünde: you can sleep in and rest to Warnemünde.

For those on cars back: safe trip back to Warnemünde as well. Do not forget to fill up. Once you enter Warnemünde the last chance is the ARAL service station on the right side:

You fill up and then pay at the cashier.

Within Warnemünde follow the signpost to

Hohe Düne
Ferry Sign

It was my pleasure to have you as my guests in Berlin and in Germany.

I hope that you got so much appetite for your dinner now aboard and for a new visit again but then longer than five hours.

Subject it's weekend you might find me also in Berlin and it would be a pleasure to take you a little around or to have lunch with you. My e-mail-address is on the signature footer.

So have a good remained cruise and I truly hope that you had a good time in Germany and will keep your stay in good memories.

Auf Wiedersehen in Deutschland!
Good-bye again in Germany!

N.B.: Miss Jolly ('s nickname) made in 2007 a longer Europe cruise. She asked so much in preperation for her cruise, even she knows the pattern of the toilet paper in all public toilets from North Cape to Turkey...

We felt free to spent the day while their ship ROTTERDAM called Warnemünde to go with them to Berlin.

We had a great time - so did they. And you will have also a great time in Berlin too.

It's worth to accept the long ride.


  1. The Berlin Germany walking and public is described here. Read details from here

  2. The Berlin Germany walking and public is described here. Read details from here


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