Warnemünde, Germany

Willkommen in Deutschland!
Welcome to Germany!

Some general impressions from Warnemünde - Just 6 to 8 minutes walking away from the Cruise Terminal.

The good thing: Warnemünde is also open for shopping during the summer season on Sunday as there is a special sea-resort permission to open smaller stores. So all stores are kept "small" to be able to open on Sunday.

So if you like fresh fish or smoked fish it's one of the best places to enjoy it at little stands or directly fresh from the boats.

You can do also small canal cruises from here or go rowing:

By this way: if you want high-class cuisine with a beautiful view over the sea: use the ferry in front of the Cruise Terminal and go to the opposite Yacht Club Hohe Düne. It's the most exclusive hotel and spa in Rostock.

You can also have a nice day on the beach:

But the admission is not free of charge. You need to pay "Kurtaxe" for the admission. You can rent roofed wicker beach chair etc.

Warnemünde is part of Rostock. So do not wonder if you read any addresses showing Rostock.


By this way: there are few so-called Rostock-Port-Parties hold on

1st calls of cruise ships
multiple call of cruise ships
last calls of cruise ships

You will be bid farewell with a party with live music and radio broadcast and

Hundereds of people waving good-bye


The story of Warnemünde is told here on these snacks cabins:

It was the former port which connected Germany and Denmark. The ferry connection where trains moved into the ships and transferred to Denmark. But this is history.

For those who like it a little more elegant and having a nice lunch or spa-treatment may visit

Yacht-Residenz Hohe Düne:


A Yachting and Spa Resort. Just opposite of the cruise terminal. They provide a shuttle directly from Am Strom Bridge in Warnemünde by boat.

Here are some new impressions from Warnemünde from May 2010:

It was a public holiday when we were in Warnemünde: Ascension Day or Father's Day which means a lot of drinking and singing men without women...

Let's make a walk to this street which is the extension to the station/cruise terminal area and where you can find on the left side the Tourist Information.

Plauener Spitzen = Plauen Laces - very famous but check if it's really handmade in Germany...

Meissen Porcellain - be sure: hand painted and made in Germany - best of the best.

Around the market square you find post and many banks with ATMs.

We make a right turn in front of the church to walk towards the beach and you find another bike rental shop.

Around the Lighthouse you find Ostseewelten. Could be maybe something for your kids.

Just around the corner a typical German TEX-MEX-place...

But you find free wifi here...

So here around the lighthouse you are in the heart of the tourism industry. More internationalized places but local places...

You can visit the lighthouse or the beach around.

But you will be asked for your "Kurtaxe"-certificate which shows that you are resident or hotel guests around and paid for the use of the beach infrastructure. So you will be asked to pay for the use of the beach.

Typical for German beaches: you can rent of the "Strandkörbe" (= beach basket) to sit inside to enjoy the beach and to stow away your belongings. Or you rent a boat there.

You will see this when you are leaving your cruise ship...

Back to Alter Strom (Old River) which is less internationalized than the lighthouse/beach-area and where you find the old fishermen boats and restaurants...

But also their traditional houses and gardens.

Filet-o-fish: Warnemünde style in the boats... and just opposite:

Filet-o-fish: just for US-cruisers... you see the signpost in English: INSIDE... you should not miss it...

Opposite on the station/cruise terminal side you find many new restaurants just recently build.

In this Warnemünde Chocolate house you find the closest ATM to the cruise terminal.

Early morning in Warnemünde: I thought fire...

but just smoke from smoking the fresh catch of the day...

The waterfront...

just next to the cruise terminal...

And here is a nice leaflet with all essential information you need to prepare your DIY-visit in Warnemünde:



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  1. Good Information HeinBloed!! Thank you! We are going on a Baltics cruise next year and plan to DIY our day in Warnemunde and Rostock.


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