Tripoli, Lybia - Ship's Tour: Leptis Magna

There is one destination I deeply regret, that

US-Citizens will have no chance to see it, as they are not allowed to enter Lybia
us, as Ghaddafi unfortunately requests a legalized translation of the travel documents.

Since then most cruise lines skip Tripoli and so none of us has anymore a chance to see Leptis Magna.

After Egypt (incl. camel excrements, corrupt policemen, unmotivated guides, outrageous beggars and dealers, missing infrastructures) we were afraid of Lybia as Communist country.

But it was the cleanest place we saw. The people were nice and polite.

So I wish I could make again such a shore excursion:

Local folk dancers came to show us their culture and to include into their dances:

He was of course also avaiable...

It was really nice. Verry sorry that I cannot see more of Libya.


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