Potsdam, Germany

Willkommen in Deutschland!
Welcome to Germany!

Well, I think if you like Palaces and you are willing to drive yourself:

Go to Potsdam - It's the palace of the palaces in Germany: Sanssoucis ("without sorrows")

It's World Heritage:


and a place you must go, subject you are willing to drive 3 hours from Warnemünde or Hamburg.

There is more than this palace to see and if you like Gardens it will be your paradise.

No you are not in Holland. The Windmill is part of the landscape.

By this way: admission to the park is free. You are requested for a voluntary admission fee which includes a free map of the park.

For the inside of the Palaces you need to buy tickets. Only incl. guide. So go first to the ticket office before you start walking in the park. Check for combi-tickets in Berlin.

Allee nach Sanssoucis 2 is the address of Cafe Franz Schubert.

That's Mrs Schubert with home made cakes!!!

That's Brandenburg Gate again but in Potsdam.

A real great place to see.


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