Lübeck, Germany

Willkommen in Deutschland!
Welcome to Germany!

Lübeck is one the nicest city in Germany to visit if your ship calls

Kiel (1 hour by tain)
Hamburg (1 hour by train)
Warnemünde (2 hour by train)
Travemünde (1/2 hour by train)

It's UNESCO World Heritage Place and check these websites for a first overview and movie:


Lübeck's website:


Some impressions:

Holstentor: http://www.luebeck-tourism.de/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=26&Itemid=92

Lübeck Cathedrale (Dom): http://www.domzuluebeck.de/en/

River Trave

Left: Town Hall (but "ugly" side...): http://www.luebeck-tourism.de/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=48&Itemid=103
Right: Niederegger: http://www.luebeck-tourism.de/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=28&Itemid=94

Another cruiser described it very well: it's like a treasure box - especially for all who loves



They have a great coffee store with great lunches and cakes.

Upstairs is also a big seating area.

The best is to find first a table.

Then you go to the cake buffet and have a look to their cakes.

You get a numbered ticket for your order.

Have your seat and show the ticket to the waiter. He/She will get the cake for you. They have also great Marcipain Hot Chocolate.

When you pay:

All prices are incl. tax and service.

But if you are satisfied with the service:

approx. 5 % to the next full or half Euro-amount.

So if your bill is 18.30 EUR you just round up to 20.00 EUR.
If you did not have just a cup of coffee: min. 50 Cent.

Then you go downstairs and can buy your chocolates etc.

A great place to visit with your children.


I added some more pictures from Lübeck which I took on a night walk:

... and I need the walk after this meal at Paulaner's...

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