Berlin, Germany

Willkommen in Deutschland!
Welcome to Germany!

Well, this posting is dedicated to those cruisers who are willing to do Berlin as DIY.

I know how much the cruise-lines want for Shore Excursion to Berlin. It's comfortable, it's safe, it's organized but it's expensive.

As alternatives there are taxi-tours from Warnemünde like

or tours from tour companies in Berlin like:

There are much more others. But Victoria Rother was very kind to give me assistance for a St. Petersburg visit. Unfortunately I cannot tell anything about her service in Berlin: I am a former Berliner so I will never use them. I never used them in St. Petersburg because my parents did not want to go to St. Petersburg. So I know only her from some e-mail contacts.

So who like it comfortable can stop here because the rest of this posting is for those who are willing to do DIY:

The Warnemünde Cruise Center is located next to the train station and to a Hertz location:

You can just click on the pictures to get it larger.

So for your orientation why you can do DIY by train or rental car.

Next to the Cruise Terminal is the HERTZ Car Rental location.

It's only occupied during the cruise ship berthes.

Actually they do not charge for delivery and pick-up at the Cruise Terminal.

So you can easily return late even the location is closed.

BEFORE YOU DISCUSS UNNECESSARY with a Call-Center-Agent in the US - they have never been in Warnemünde.

So when you book following information:

It's Hertz in Rostock, St. Petersburger Straße.

The best: just order the car via Call-Center or Internet and click on "I arrive by ship".

Then forward your booking confirmation to

and ask for delivery confirmation and ask for an GPS (HERTZ Never Lost)

Sometimes they still react like in former East Germany... i.e. no reaction:

then the best is to click to my profile and check for my e-mail-address. Send me the booking confirmation and I call them in German. I did it for a lot of cruisers the last seasons and there were no complaints.

Experienced drivers can drive to Berlin.
For those who are not willing to drive in the hectic of a giant city may leave their car at a subway station and do park+ride.

Alternatively to HERTZ:

Only one rental location Rostock.
But charge for delivery last season 20 EUR per delivery and pick-up.
Return only during occupation of the kiosk in Warnemünde Station.

Rental location opposite of Central Station - so easy to get to in 20 minutes by commuter train.
Is willing to accept after hour returns.

For those who are not willing to drive yourself:

The train station is five minutes away by walk!!!

The cheapest offer is on weekend:

5 can go for 37 EUR to Berlin and back, i. e. 7.40 EUR, i.e. less than 10 USD.

On weekdays early arrivals and late departures can go from 58.00 EUR pp (3 monthes - 3 days advance sales - no changes - no returns) by ICE High-Speed-Train without transfers.

Transit time: 3-3 1/2 hours per trip.

Mostly you have around five hours in Berlin to stay.

Exact fare and schedule I can calculate for you individually when I know which ship and which date you are calling Warnemünde. Furthermore I need how many adults (older than 15) and children travelling together. German Railways does not charge for children.

From Hamburg you can go in 90 minutes from Hamburg from 58.00 EUR pp (3 monthes - 3 days advance sales - no changes - no returns) by ICE High-Speed-Train without transfers.

So some impressions from Berlin what you can do in the five hours:

Once you arrive Berlin Central Station (Hauptbahnhof) you are close to the sights, like here: the Reichstag (Parliament-Building incl. Dome)

The visit in the Dome of the Parliament building is free of charge, but you have to queue, subject you have a reservation for the roof-restaurant:

Well German chi-chi-Restaurant - so you do not expect typical German food and street level prices... but nice view.

For those who do not like to DIY may book a tour guide from here or join public tours.

Ho-Ho-Buses available with BVG:

You can also rent bikes... the best way to discover Berlin.

If you walk along the cabblestone line you walk along the former Berlin Wall line.

So you also pass Brandenburg Gate and Holocaust-Memorial:

I do not put too many pictures of Berlin in this posting. You need to discover yourself.

Here you have the options:
Berlin Cathedrale (Dom):
Museum Island:
It's UNESCO World Heritage:

It's also great to discover Berlin from the waterside by river cruise on the river Spree.

You should walk into the Radisson SAS Hotel to see this lift:

At Alexanderplatz (Alexander Square) you can see the construction "sins" of the Communists.

At Hackescher Markt you can have a lot of good restaurants all ethnic style and if the weather is nice you can sit outside.

But for those who cannot see anymore the food onboard:
Tony Roma's is available in Berlin:

There is one point I would like to recommend to go:

Berlin Wall Memorial in the North Part of the City Center of Berlin East:

We like to make new cruise-friends - even we are not cruising.

Miss Jolly ('s nickname) made in 2007 a longer Europe cruise. She asked so much in preperation for her cruise, even she knows the pattern of the toilet paper in all public toilets from North Cape to Turkey...

We felt free to spent the day while their ship ROTTERDAM called Warnemünde to go with them to Berlin.

We had a great time - so do they. And you will have also a great time in Berlin.

It's worth to accept the long ride.

Best regards,


  1. Thank you HeinBloed. Can you calculate the fare and schedule from Warnemunde to Berlin - We are 5 older adults will be arriving on May 23/2012 (considering not confirmed yet)

    1. Well it depends on which ship you are:


      08.06 hrs dep Rostock Seehafen Nord
      08.24 hrs arr Rostock Hbf (Central Station)
      08.34 hrs dep Rostock Hbf (Track 7)
      11.14 hrs arr Berlin Hbf

      14.45 hrs dep Berlin Hbf (Track 5)
      17.23 hrs arr Rostock Hbf
      17.34 hrs dep Rostock Hbf (Track 1)
      17.52 hrs arr Rostock Seehafen Nord

      There is another train two hours later but 8 minutes left until arrival and "All aboard" is a little tough.

      Subject you are on


      08.02 hrs dep Warnemünde
      08.23 hrs arr Rostock Hbf (Central Station)
      08.34 hrs dep Rostock Hbf (Track 7)
      11.14 hrs arr Berlin Hbf

      18.13 hrs dep Berlin Hbf (Track 6)
      20.42 hrs arr Warnemünde


      on DISCOVERY
      or if you want to go the cheapest way on NORWEGIAN SUN but you have to return earlier from Berlin!!!

      to Berlin:
      Single Tickets to Waren (Müritz):
      5 x 18,10 EUR = 90,50 EUR
      Quer-durchs-Land-Ticket (Special Nationwide Day Pass for regional trains)
      1 x 42,00 EUR + 4 x 6,00 EUR = 66,00 EUR
      = 156,50 EUR in total = 31,30 EUR pp.

      If you are on NORWEGIAN SUN and want the most of time in Berlin:

      to Berlin:
      Single Tickets to Waren (Müritz):
      5 x 18,10 EUR = 90,50 EUR
      Brandenburg-Berlin-Ticket (Special Regional Day Pass for regional trains):
      28,00 EUR
      Super Saver on High-Speed-Train (direct connection from Berlin to Warnemünde - the sooner you book the cheaper - sales starts 92 days before day of travel):
      5 x 29,00 EUR = 145,00 EUR
      (maybe cheaper: subject to offer at day of salesI)
      = 233,50 EUR in total = 46,70 EUR
      still cheaper than the ship's tickets

  2. Thank you again, as this will our 2nd cruise to use your informative and directions. you are so good. Yes, we will be on Norwegian Sun and want the most of time in Berlin.

  3. Hello

    We are planning a DIY trip to Berlin from Warenemunde with our vehicle booked already through Hertz. Can you suggest a place in Berlin to park the vehicle so that we can then embark on our own walking tour of the East Berlin sites, such as the Bradenburg Gate, Holocaust Memorial, Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, etc. Thanks so much.

  4. Depends a little if you like to drive city traffic or not.

    Coming from Warnemünde there is one great shopping center in the Northern Part very close to the Interstate-Annex towards Rostock (Warnemünde): Am Borsigturm. From here you can reach very easily all hot spots by using Subway U6 (Nordbahnhof = Wall Memorial, Französische Straße = Brandenburg Gate/Holocaust Memorial and Kochstraße = Checkpoint Charlie). So you would not have to deal with inter-urban traffic.

    Subject you do not mind to drive inter-urban traffic I would park at Central Station (Hauptbahnhof - for GPS alternative destinations: Europaplatz or Washingtonplatz). From here you have access to public transport to all hot spots and make moving around between the spots very simple.

  5. Thank you so much for the advice. We don't mind city traffic so will look at your suggestions.

    We really appreciate your help (and quick response!)


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