Tallin, Estonia - Private Guided Walking Tour

Well after being in Moscow and see how bad it still looks there I did not expect such a great experience when we visited Tallinn, Estonia.

Trough the Tallinn Tourist Office we got access to this list of tour guides:


So we went through the list and contacted them for a quotation.

Inglise means English
Saksa means German

For those who dislike to negotiate with each single tour-guide personally:

we can recommend also a good agency:



My current contact: Tiia whom you can reach by e-mail: travel@estma.ee

Our cruise ship called two places in Estonia so we made another shore excursion which was organised by Estma.

Somehow you must know yourself if you like to contact each single tour-guide or let them arrange.

But it was frustrating not to get an answer or to get the answer that they are already booked by the cruise ship.

And altough many cruisers are right:

you can just walk to the old town and browse around...

... or like us: taken to a lot of places and everything was finely explained.

Tallinn has so much: you better have someone who takes you around - that what we preferred when we were in Tallinn.

So when we arrived in Tallinn we were lucky to have such a nice weather.

From the berth we can already see the historical city center of Tallinn.

Our guide waited for us at the gate and we walked in 10-15 minutes over to the old town. From our tour we would like to share some impressions:

By the way: that's our tour guide Sigrid...

Unfortunately she does not like to give tours in English. She was telling in such a vivid way that I feel sorry for those who will not experience her.

I got her permission to put this picture in my blog with her... after I promised her that her presense makes the picture beautiful...

We did not sit where all the tourist sit and had their drinks. She took us to places where locals had their drink. We used her as cash machines and let her pay in local currency and refund her in Euro.

Do you know the movie "Madagascar"??? It was mentioned that Canada is the place for hypochondras as the medication is cheaper than in the US... but if you are in Estonia it's paradise... Poor Sigrid had to do a lot of translations in phamacies.

Just georgous. But Tallinn is no place for mobility reduced: hilly and cobblestone...

Any time in Tallinn we would book a tour guide again. Just to see the places where we did not see any other tourist.

Tallinn is great and worth a visit.


Helsinki, Finland - City Tour by boat

Sometimes it's better to have a smaller ship like us...

so you can berth just next to the Market Square in Helsinki...

This was our very first cruise and were in Helsinki just one year ago. So we saw already a lot of sights.

We were so close: you could take pictures from the stern of our ship...

One year ago we did a sightseeing tour on the water with Sun Lines:


But half of our tour it was so foggy that we had no idea where were but we had more the impression to be in London England than Helsinki.

So this day the sun was shining. It was nice and warm and we had a second chance to see it again:

Well in other cities you are going by subway for work but here...

After so many days on water it was nice just to enjoy a lot of green...

And here is the difference to the other "green line" who is offering the tours. Their ship are larger and you cannot pass this bridge where you are not allowed to stand... It's only allowed if you have your supply of Aspirine with you...

Back at the Market Square it's an good occassion to have a nice fish lunch at one of the stands.

It's a nice tour to relax.